Friday, June 13, 2008

The Good Knife

My luck continues to even out as the week progresses.

First of all I got home yesterday from work to find an enormous package on my back steps. My friend Jill had sent me the most beautiful arrangement of flowers as well as a little bear dressed like a doctor and chocolates. If that isn't all you need to cheer up immediately than I have no idea what is. I put them on an end table in the living room and within minutes my whole apartment smelled like fresh flowers. Ahhhh. Thanks boo!

Second of all this is my second day in a row at work. As one of my coworkers stated "You made it here two days in a row, your luck is changing!".

But I already knew that because last night something amazing happened. So, Adam and I had a plan to hit up TJ Maxx after work and then go to the little Thai place across the street for dinner. I didn't even specifically need anything at TJ Maxx (as if you need a reason to go). But that has never stopped me (nor did it stop anyone in the Misses department last night as one woman remarked loudly to her friend "I shouldn't even BE here right now" and a random lady chimed in "Me neither" and yet another "I KNOW". TJ Maxx is a compulsion. A strong force that compels some of us to pop in at least once a week to see what new deals are to be had. And I hadn't been in WEEKS! So really that is all the reason I needed to go last night.

Now some of my friends, I think Jeanne and Jenn in partucular, will recall that I have been STALKING Wusthof knives at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and have never actually seen them there. I even put some of my friends on alert "IF YOU SEE THESE KNIVES WHEN YOU ARE OUT AT TJs OR MARSHALLS PLEASE CALL ME IMMEDIATELY!". These the Loch Ness monsters of the home goods department have eluded me though I have heard of sightings from time to time. My mom has found them there before and as a result has a lovely collection of knives that cost upwards of $130 EACH thats she got for $20-$3 a pop. I so love Wusthof knives. They last FOREVER. I have heard nothing but good things about them. Whenever I go to Williams-Sonoma I salivate for a moment or two in front of the Wusthof showcase. But I look at it like a cocaine addiction. Why start a habit that I can ill afford to keep up? I can't be dropping $130 on a chef's knife no matter how fabulous it is.

So anyway you can guess where this is heading. I said my luck is changing. And I said that I went to TJ Maxx. And I said I have been searching for Wusthof knives forfreakingever.

Yep - As I approached the wall of kitchen tools, not even expecting anything, there were ROWS and ROWS of Wusthof knives. Serrated knives and Chef's knives and paring knives and Cooks Knives.

Oh My.

I could not believe my luck. And what better way to get myself back into a cooking routine after a 2-week hiatus than with my much coveted prizes?

Now if only I could start finding Tory Burch flats in the shoe section my life will be complete!


J said...

I was debating whether or not to go to TJs on my way home from work today but now I am definitely going!

RED said...

oh man that is the BEST feeling! So happy for you - I hope you bought as many as your knife block could hold! Jackpot! Great story, good to hear that luck turning around!

Randall said...

What a great find! I went and said hello to my knife set with my mom the other week gently hinting that what every new, blusing bride needs at a bridal shower is a box full of KNIVES! Yes! Forget to linens, I want the knives!

Alisa said...

Love those. We have some too. Very sharp. BE CARFEUL! ;)

Anonymous said...

NICE!!!!I paid full price for my BELOVED Wustoff knife-- I think I might have a heart attack right in the store if I saw it for $20.

Jenn said...

I'm so glad you've found them! I have been on alert ever since you mentioned them and always made it a point to stop by the kitchen section whenever I was in there just for you! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Thanks for giving me lots of smiles and a few guffaws!

The One and Only Kristy J said...

your blog is awesome. i've spent pretty much all day yesterday and most of the morning today reading it and giggling like i ate too much sugar. you remind me of jen lancaster and of course love her too! i'll keep reading. you're great!