Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Okay To Tell

Have you seen those commercials "It's Okay To Look" featuring the man everyone inexplicably loves to get advice from - Dr Phil?

I am launching a new campaign of my own not affiliated with Match or any other dating website. The "It's Okay To Tell" campaign.

Specifically, It's Okay To Tell A Girl Her Eye Makeup Has Gone Awry".

Now, as someone who wears some form of eye makeup usually (at the very least mascara but usually some kind of shadow or liner+mascara combo), I am acquainted with the notion that while my eye makeup may not be on my mind at every waking moment - it could at any waking moment have gone rogue in the form of a smudge, an eye shadow induced black eye, or the dreaded rubbing-induced Cleopatra eye. I check in with my compact mirror a few times a day most of the time I don't have these problems or am able to nip them in the bud with a quick trip to the ladies.

But my issue is when I DO have some kind of eye makeup situation going on and none of my fellow ladies say anything to me. You know when you go in the bathroom at work and a glance in the mirror reveals your perfectly applied shadow liner has migrated to the under eye region and given you a cosmetic black eye. Who knows how long it has been like that!? Why has no one said "Hey, did you get beat up?" or even a polite point and a "You have a smudge right there". It's the cosmetic equivalent of realizing your fly is down and wondering how long it has been so. Ladies of the world need to speak up!

So the next time you see someone experiencing cosmetic difficulties remember what I said "It's Okay To Tell". Who knows, the faux black-eyed makeup wearer you save may be yourself!


Nicky said...

You know what I love? When it's hot outside and your eye makeup has gone the way of "black-under-the-eye-football-player-smudge", no one tells you, AND you're on national tv. Oh yeah, we filmed my entire intro for HGTV, I got back in the car, did a cursory makeup check, only to see (to my horror) that my "waterproof" makeup had migrated to UNDER my eye rather than on it. My national debut is going to be awesome. I'm going to look like the crafty crack hoe. (Groan.) At least I had time to touch up before all the in-studio filming. Still...)o:

Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

It is wrong to let a fellow sister walk around with smudgy eye makeup, something in her teeth or her skirt tucked into her pantyhose. I don't care if you are a stranger, chances are I will alert you to your fashion emergency. I just hope that someone will repay me the favor one day.

Amanda* said...

Well done. So true.

There is a good bond between all the women in my fiance's group of friends (myself included, thankfully) such that we all watch out for each other that way. Makeup gets checked, tags and bra straps get tucked in, and at least one person always has safety pins and band-aids.

Rich said...

Or it's ok to tell a guy if his fly is down. I have a fear of this all the time whenever I walk out of a restroom.

eileen said...

Oooh, maybe we can join forces. i've been on an "It's OK To Tell" strangers on the beach when they're getting a bad sunburn mission for years.

Oh, I once played a soccer game early on Sunday morning after a raging Saturday night. At brunch, AFTER the game, I went in the bathroom and totally had raccoon mascara eyes, and not a single one of my teammates had let me know. Bitchez.

eileen said...

gah! i just wrote you witty comment, but when i went to post it, it vanished.

oh well. the take home message? I'm on board with your "It's OK to Tell" plan.

eileen said...

ok, so it didn't vanish, and it wasn't that witty. and i forgot an article.

It's OK to tell me that my commenting abilities suck today.

Sarah said...

Eileen I love your comments! They are both witty and full of articles. :-)