Saturday, November 17, 2007

Craft It Up

Today was the craft fair my friend Jeanne and I have been preparing for all week and it was a great success!

Jeanne's fabulous frosted cookies

She made little football cookie packs that were a huge hit!

Her adorable gift tags.

My martini gift tags

My Thanksgiving napkin rings.

(more pics here)

Sales were great, and we both even got requests to maybe do favors for some wedding/baby showers. Cookies + martinis = something everyone can get behind.

And now I must disco nap in prepartion for a birthday party tonight. more later!


San said...

wow, sarah, this is awesome. i love people who are into crafting!!

Rebecca said...

FUN!!! They look great!

I did my first craft show yesterday too. Sold some wine bags, but was really there more to book wine parties/tastings - and get my local town excited and supportive behind my push for another liquor license so that i can open a fine wine/cheese/appetizer/entertainment type shop! :)

Sales, eh, so so. But support, and bookings -- excellent!