Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

The Original To Do List for Sunday

1) Take the ACs to my parents' house to store for the season.
2) Hit up Filene's Basement with some 20% off coupons and get some Christmas shopping out of the way
3) Go food shopping for the ingredients to make the oyster stuffing and cranberry sauce for this Thursday and the oreo truffles Adam volunteered me to make for his Dessert Swap at work.

Then last night at about 1:45AM when we were closing out a rousing game of American Idol (on Playstation and it is my new favorite game ever) at our friends the Cappellas' house I turned to Adam and said "You know that all hopes of bring productive tomorrow are gone, right?" So I amended our list to:

1) Stay in PJs all day
2) Order Chinese food.

So in light of the list change I have to say it HAS been a very productive day!


Kimba Rimba said...

Looks like we had similar days!

Oyster Stuffing? Sounds great!!!

Caity said...

definitely sounds productive to me. I'm going to need more information on the Oreo truffles. I LOVE all things Oreo!

Sarah said...

Kimba - I have never made it before! My brother requested it and since he is "Thanskgiving Director" at my parents' house I decided to give it a whirl. I will let you guys know how it goes.

Caity - they are amazing and it's literally only 1 bag of Oreos crushed in the food processor and 8 oz of cream cheese, rolled into truffles and dipped in melted chocolate. I only make them when they are for someone else because having those babies in the house is DANGEROUS.

Anonymous said...

haha, Chris and I also had to adjust our plans. Instead of going up tp Manchester to hang out with various friends as planned, we stayed in bed all day. OOPS!


Just A Girl said...

OMG, I think I just had a or-eo-gasm....That sounds DELISH.

That's my kind of productivity.

Anonymous said...

And we can officially add oreo truffles to the list of things I need to make one day (and soon).

Jeff Cutler said...

HURRY up and post. Monday is fleeting.

Needed to be bossy. I'm in FL with my whole family and siblings with kids are monopolizing my parents.

OK. I'm being overly needy for an old and cynical guy, but please...I knew them first.

Whining over. Nothing to see here. Carry on.

Another oddity is that the captcha phrase is PEM CRYIN and this would be perfect if my name were Pem.