Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Chosen One

Every day between 12 and 1 the sun shines directly in my eyes at work.

I have one of those "tall" cubicles - the partitions are about 6 feet high and my cubicle faces the front of the building which is comprised of tall-ass windows. There used to be black shades covering the tops of these windows but it was decided by the Powers That Be that it looked nicer without them. And so for an hour or so a day I literally have the sun shining directly and fully into my face even though I am in my tall ass cubicle in my normally kind of dark office building.

I would complain about it, but it's kind of funny now. Literally you walk through the office and it is dim, awash in that maddening flourescence that those in buildings with minimal natural sunlight are familiar with. And then there is me. Sitting in my chair, typing away in a bright cheerful halo of sunlight.

And before my company moved this summer, in our old building I NEVER saw the sun. I physically had to walk out of my office, down the hall and into the lobby to even know what the weather was outside. And you know the sun, even when it's in your eyes, does wonders for a dreary work day.

Plus it gives me an excuse to wear my sunglasses indoors.


San said...

this is hilarious.

i am just so happy i don't work in a cubicle... i have the sun shining into my office pretty much all day :) [*duck&cover*]

Libby said...

You need to get yourself that choral ringing sound effect that goes along with sudden rays of light in the movies... heh, that reads awkwardly, sorry. You know what I'm talking about though, right?

Lys said...

After this, I think your theme song must be Corey Hart - Sunglasses at Night... *LOL* (well in your case, Sunglasses Inside)

I have what we call "bays" we work out of - no cubicle, no privacy, nada. If I want to see sunlight, that means I pretty much have to walk into the boss' office, which resonates into a case of "Lys can you... blah blah blah"

I'll stick with the weather channel if I have to. *LOL*

Kerry said...

funny - I also thought of the Corey Hart song - 80's music!

Sarah said...

haha I was thinking more along the lines of Carly Simon's "Touched by the Sun"...if not some kind of heavenly chorus music. Where is my white robe!?

Jenny said...

It could also be "Blinded By the Light."

I had this at my old job and it caused me to sit with my face hiding behind my monitor for an hour or so every day.