Friday, October 05, 2007

Lusty Fridays

Kate Spade "Montserrat-Jocelyn" clutch in Petrol

Tory Burch "Quinn" flats, Patent Quilted

Pretty much all things Frank Gehry at Tiffany

This Franco Sarto ankle boot from

Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Mandarin Cologne

Clearly most of these items are more Lust than Definite Eventual Purchase but hey, isn't that why the shopping gods invented gift cards? That way gals who stink at saving money like me can pick up a Nordstrom gift certificate at Stop and Shop (did you know they sell those there?) when they go food shopping and even though it may be $25-$50 at a time - eventually those add up and then they can skip on down to the Natick Collection with a fan made of gift cards and pick up something sassy for fall.

Now if only they sold Tiffany gift cards there too!



Amanda* said...

Can I tell you how much I LOVE almost everything Kate Spade?? LOVE IT!!!

That's a very clever idea about saving up gift cards to buy something fun. Very clever. (Apparently I'm into repeating myself today.)

Sarah said...

i know, Kate Spade can really do no wrong.

And I can't take all the credit for the gift card thing...I learned it from Adam. He is always lusting after all things NEW and EXCITING in the realm of hockey equipment so he just stocks up on gift cards from Pure Hockey to make it easier to save up!

RED said...

I LOVE the frank gehry line at tiffany. LOVE IT. great choices, there are a few other pairs of earrings I'm lusting after also. Great choices- girl's gotta dream right?! Besides, we all need some luxury goods to make up for the budget friendly regulars.

Nicky said...

Franco Sarto is my type of shoe man! I have a pair or two that I absolutely adore. Those boots are adorable. And if I could only afford anything from Tiffany's...sigh. Instead, I'll have to have them engrave my crackerjack box ring a la Holly Golightly.

Three day weekend in this house too! (Cept, mine will be filled doing sad...)

Anonymous said...

i'm jealous of your 3 day weekend. danielle. boo.

Stacey said...

Gorgeous stuff. :)

I love Columbus Day weekend, mostly b/c my birthday is Monday (which I ironically don't have off). ;)

Rebecca said...

Love love love that S&S has that gift card kiosk. I just got one of my girlfriends a $50 Nordstroms card; How can you can go there and NOT pop into Tiffany's for just a little somethin'somethin'? Or Kate Spade...or Michael Kors...or Burberry.... ;)

Lys said...

The Shoes: Adore
The Clutch: LOVE and the fact its in the fave color, even better.

I'm ready to throw a temper tantrum because down here in Orlando, if it was Mickey Mouse who came over on a ship, etc., we'd have a huge holiday - for now, it's pretty much "Columbus Who" but of course all those who work in the state, federal, USPS and banks get it off.. grrrr

(I'll work through the anger - with a glass of wine!)