Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Where's The Paperboy When You Need Him?

I don't understand people who are like "OOh I sound so sexy when I have a cold"

When I have a cold (as in Hi, I have had a gross cold since Saturday!), my voice gets a little higher.

I wheeze.

My breath whistles a bit.

Bacially, I sound like this dude.

Man, it is hot.


Ladybug's Picnic said...

I have a cold too and I sound like a jackass.

Not sexy.

Sarah said...

if pleghm is sexy, than i am the sexiest person ever.

Gretta James said...

LOL and still guys just love a girl with a husky voice - embrace it hun xx


RED said...

girl, I have a cold too and I sound so un-sexy. I feel you.

Nicky said...

Hahaha! Nice reference!

A said...

Haha didn't your friend Jenny just write a post on how she likes her voice when she's sick? Too funny.

I'm with ya though - phlegm? Not cute. Ugh.

Sarah said...

jenny is one of those that gets all kathleen turner-esque when she has a cold... meanwhile I either lose my voice completely or just cough a ton, choke on my phlegm and wheeze when i breathe. i would kill for bronchial sexiness!

Rebecca said...

hahaha, OMG, I'm SO one of those people. Maybe it's becuase my voice is high and whiny to begin with? ;) I LOVE when I have that deep, throaty, "I sound like I look HOT" kind of voice. Oh yeah baby.. ;)