Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend In Review

Friday night initially was going to be a night in for me, relaxing with a glass of wine and some DVR'd movies. But when I arrived home at 6PM I was immediately and crushingly bored and so Adam dropped me off at my cousin's house on his way to hockey for an evening of wine and family gossip, which ended up being the perfect way to spend the evening.

Saturday I spent the better part of the afternoon at The Loft getting my hair done for fall and then walked around Back Bay for a few hours, shopping and people watching. Adam picked me up on Mass Ave at 5PM and we headed straight up to New Hampshire for the Manchester Monarch's home opener. But not before stopping for a meet up with our favorite niece!

Now, despite Adam's fanaticism I am no professional sports fan, least of all hockey. BUT I have to play the part from time to time and attend the game and to be honest, I like going to the Monarchs game. It's fun. They serve wine. The people are friendly. And it isn't like other sporting events where you are made to feel like an asshole if you don't know the intimate details about every person on the team. It's a sports events for non-sports fans, in my opinion. We ended up sitting next to a really nice young man who works in a well known Senator's office so it was fun to intersperse the hockey watching with political commentary. Towards the end of the game, I was in the restroom when a woman approached me and asked me for a pen. I fished around in my bag and handed her one and she was waving an old receipt around, saying to her friend "Ugh I wish I had better paper to write on, he wont even be able to read this". So I was like "Oh do you need paper?" and she was like "YES PLEASE!" and I told her I would be happy to give her some but first she had to tell me why she needed it. So she went on to tell me about how she has been hooking up with one of the hockey players and just found out he was hooking up with someone else so she was going to write some dirty secrets about him on the paper and hand it to someone on his team with instructions to pass it along to everyone else. Meanwhile this woman was in her thirties, not in high school in case that's' what you were thinking. But hey, I think we can all agree that after a few mini bottles of Sutter Home this would probably sounds like an awesome idea so I gleefully handed her a pink post it and told her to go to town. I am telling you, if all hockey games could involve political commentaries and malicious gossip, I would be a much bigger fan.

In any case after the game we met up with local favorites PJ and Nicky at a bar down the street for apres-game drinks and snacks and then headed to Adam's parents' house to spend the night. The next morning we got up and into action early. Out the door by 10AM, we first headed to our favorite purveyor of exotic meats (stay tuned for another installment of Adventures in Odd Meats this week!) to stock up on some, well, exotic meats. Then we headed north to engage in the most storied of New England traditions:

Leef Peeping and Outlet Shopping.

We took the long way and winded through Wolfboro (home of Lake Winnipesaukee and vacationing spot of the President of France!) and into the White Mountain region:

To our ultimate destination: The North Conway outlets where shopped until we dropped (or until I started to complain that my feet hurt, you decide). I am telling you, outlet shopping is even better than usual when you have this view

We then took the Kangamacus Highway back which for those not around here, is over thirty miles of highway that goes right through the White Mountains.

A new gorgeous view at every turn, it's the MOST opportune spot to have your camera battery die. Seriously. But what photos I did manage to snap are here.

It has been so far, a most lovely fall weekend. Very quintessential New England and the fact that it's Monday and I don't have to be at work? Icing!

Hope you all have/had a lovely Columbus Day Weekend!


A said...

This really makes me wish I worked for a normal company that gave their employees the day off for holidays. Ugh.

Lys said...

The pics are gorgeous... gotta love NH in the fall...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Sarah said...

New England in the fall = the best!

Oh and A this was a floating holiday for me, not the same as a regular holiday since I feel a little guilty for not just going into work and banking the day off for later in the season!

Caitlin said...

Sarah, I love your weekend!! The Kang is King in my book - not just for it's rustic beauty and awesome campsites (yes, I said it. camping.), but because of nearby North Conway. See, The Kang + North Conway is, in a nutshell, everything I love - rustic yet fabulous all in one scenic package.

Now, you must tell us what you did with your hair for fall! I am due this week too, and for once have no idea what I want. Help!

Sarah said...

ahaha i love the Kang is King! <3 It really is everything there is to love about New England - fabulous shopping and amazing scenery.

Anyway for my hair I kept about half of my blonde highlights and got a bunch of dark brown and auburn low lights. I wanted to go darker for fall but not TOO dark...although I have my next appt. in December and I might go a little wild then!

Caity said...

Ahh! Seeing Adam in that Bruins t-shirt made my stomach drop. Maybe I'll give my old pal the Czech a call to see what's new?

Norwego said...

Sarah, don't be mad, but I had to draw an MS Paint office scenario yesterday. I gave you credit! I had to express my extreme frustration through the arts. People are making fun of my stick figures.

Sarah said...

ahaha i could never be mad! and i am psyched it involves an anvil. good job!

Libby said...

It's a glorious fall this year, isn't it?

I'm sure the Bruins will be a whole new team now that Sea Bass is in the front office. Yeah....