Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kitchen Query

A quick question for my cooking bloggers out there.

Well, first some background.

Before Adam and I moved into this apartment, I was only used to the kind of broiler that is a drawer at the bottom of the oven. So you put the oven on broil, open the little drawer and broil whatever you want to your hearts content.

Now, in the apartment we live in now, we have the kind of broiler that is not a separate drawer, but merely the highest setting on the oven's dial. And every time I try to broil something using this setting it gets SO SMOKY.

I know what you are thinking, I need to clean my oven. Well I did. HARDCORE. It is totally spic and span. In fact it seems that usually what I am trying to COOK is what is smoking so much (in the past instances, London Broil) , so I ask WHY? When you broil does it usually smoke?

That sounds so dumb when I type it out but there you have it.


UPDATE: Thanks so much girls, the leaving the oven door open a crack totally worked!!!


tulipmom said...

Yes, mine smokes too even when it's clean. My mom swears by keeping the oven door open just a crack when she broils. It seems to help a bit. Not sure if that would work with the drawer.

Sarah said...

i will crack the door tonight and report back tomorrow...thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm the opposite--I've been trying to broil things in my new apt. just on the top rack of the oven but I just discovered the other day (after having lived here for a year and "broiling" many a salmon steak) that it is actually a bottom drawer broiler deal

But having grown up with in-oven broiling, we always left the oven door open a crack and never had a smoke problem (even without a hood). Otherwise, I find most of my issues with oven smoke are the result of too much oil

Libby said...

I'm late to the game on this one. :) I'm glad there was such a simple solution. I'm going to call my parents and tell them, they've been smoking up their kitchen since I was a kid!

AnnaB said...

I have a drawer broiler and grew up with one. My family and I always use tin foil. That cuts down on smokiness.

Rebecca said...

Mine always smokes. It's like if it's not drippings because it's clean - then it's spattering from the top of the meal you're cooking, you know what I mean? It's always been the only think I can think of....

And I hate running my oven vent because it's so flipping loud.