Monday, August 20, 2007

We May Be Watching Too Much Survivorman

Enjoying dinner at Cobblestones on Saturday night
Adam (pointing at my Caesar salad): Are you going to eat that anchovy?
Me (stabbing it with my fork): Of course, it's good food energy.

Driving home from dinner, lost in Chelmsford
Adam: I know we are heading west because that's the direction the sun is setting, right in front of us.
Me: Yeah but if you wanted to go north you could see which side the moss is growing on tree trunks.

Seriously though? If you are not watching Survivorman you are missing out BIG TIME! If you have never seen it, basically it is about this man Les Stroub who gets dropped off in crazy terrains to survive on his own for a week, with only a few essentials like the clothes on his back, a multi tool and a match, and films the week long survival ordeal himself. He does this in the Artic, the Amazon, the desert, the mountains. It is NUTS.

I mean, the man eats scorpians and makes condensation tents with his own urine.

It is HOT.


AnnaB said...

He'a also Canadian. There are a couple episodes where he is extremely whiny. I have been addicted to this show for months! The urine distilling grossed me out. Mmm, ostrich eggs.

Sarah said...

Ha! You would be whiny too if you had nothing to eat for 4 days, had to sleep on a rock and drink water condensed from your own urine! :-P

MarisaJosephine said...

that show is great! i love when he is in the jungle trying to hunt lions and not get eaten!

LooLoo said...

omg, good thing you didn't tell me, I would have totally stalked you.

Sarah said...

Had I known we were going more than 3 minutes before we actually DID go I totally would have forced you to come and meet for a drink (or 3)!

Kimba Rimba said...

Only 3 drinks?

Sarah said...

Kimba I was TRYING to appear lady like.

I meant 6.


Princess Extraordinaire said...

I love this show yet find it funny that no matter how terrible the terrain there is always a photog and sound man whereever he goes..hmmmm

Nicky said...

I wonder if the sound and camera crew are scarfing down sandwiches and cold beer while he eats whatever he can grab out from under a rock? That would be enough to make me crabby!

Sarah said...

no way dudes! he films it all himself, by himself with his requisite "55 lbs of gear!" then he goes back and edits and voices over a lot of it when he is out of the jungle/tundra/desert what have you.