Friday, August 17, 2007

In With The New

Last weekend , out of necessity AND since it was Massachusetts Tax Free Weekend, Adam and I purchased a loveseat. It was scheduled to be delivered yesterday so we both took the day off in order to fully take in the experience of Having Enough Seating InThe Living Room for the first time.

It is really a glorious thing. We can now have at least SEVEN people seated comfortably in our living room. Maybe eight or nine if we squeeze all the skinny folks on the couch.

Of course the stragglers will still have to sit in the wooden chairs we keep around for just such occasions. And by stragglers I mean Adam. When we got the love seat he exclaimed “Now when we have guests I can sit and be comfortable instead of sitting on one of those damn wooden chairs all night”

I said to him “Well yeah unless we have so many people over that all the good seats are taken, then you will have to take the wooden chair. I mean it’s not fair to make your guests sit in the uncomfy chairs while you lounge out in an upholstered cushy throne.”.

To which he asked “Then how come YOU never sit in the wooden chair?”.


The man has a point.

In any case if there is something more exciting than getting new furniture I don’t know what it is. Ok maybe getting new kitchen appliances and accessories can be tied for Super Exciting things. I also went out to TJ Maxx (weird), yesterday and picked up a heavy, glorious lime green dutch oven for all my slow cooking needs. It is NOT Le Creuset (sob) but I am working up to that. In any case I love it so much I cleared out a space on the Bakers Rack for it so it's not hidden away in a cabinet I can always look at it. Sigh.

Which brings me to this. Tomorrow we are going to visit Adam's brother and sister in law and their new baby (our neice!) Kaylyn. We would like to make them some kind of dish tonight that can be frozen and then reheated whenever they don't have time to make themselves a home cooked meal. I am thinking lasagna? I don't know though. I am not savvy in the way of the freezer-friendly meal so any advice/recipes would be greatly appreciated.


Karen said...

Love your blog! I would suggest going with lasagna or maybe sausage and peppers. Either freezes really well and makes for some great meals after a long day with a baby.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

When I had Charlotte, I made a big ass baked penne. I got one of those giant one-use foil tins at the grocery store. You can get heavy duty ones, the kind you'd use for stuffing or whatever. You can get as fancy or as plain with the baked penne as you want. If you want my recipe lemme know and I'll email it to you so I don't hijack your comments!

Sarah said...

Thanks Karen!

and YES please thank you Erin!!

Jackie said...

Mini-quiche! I love making these and tossing them in the freezer because then when you need a snack or a lunch, you take out 2 or 3 and microwave them for a minute or two. Start by cooking the tart crusts (find in frozen section of your grocers) for about 8-10 mins at 350-400 (going off memory, don't have my recipe in front of me) just to slightly crisp them. Make them healthy by mixing up say 6 egg whites, 1/4c skim milk (adjust for consistency), and your favourite veggies. Grate some low-fat cheese and sprinkle on the bottom of the now lightly baked tart crusts, pour in egg mixture and cook at above temp until done... mmmm, quiche!

Rebecca said...

Anything with liquid as a base or part of it usually works well. Stuffed cabbage is wonderful reheated - same with beef stew. Lasagnas and pastas in red sauce hold nicely because the water re-moistens the sauce. Chicken cacciatore, chili, etc.... :)

I'm actually hoping to get some advice from you and E. I'm having a brunch on Saturday, and just looking for some unique recipes. I always try to do something a little out of the ordinary, and while I can find something on epicurious or food network, I'd prefer tried and true. Suggestions?