Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The series of emotions one experiences when a coworker is let go

Step One: Disbelief - No f*cking way! I was just talking to her this morning!
Step Two: Shock - I can't believe it - What happened?
Step Three: Sadness - He/She was nice/sweet. That's too bad.
Step Four: Parnoia - God, am I next?
Step Five: Wanton Pillaging - Score! I've had my eye on that wall calender since 2006!

Or maybe that's just me.


Lys said...

Nope - sounds about right for the pattern....

But there's always a provision for "Happy Hour Anyone". Would that be Step Six?

Lola said...

Step Six: Jealousy - I wish I had a week off!

lola x