Friday, February 09, 2007

Let's talk about SAK, baby.

Two posts about handbags in 10 days..can you handle it?

I have been seeing a lot of cute handbags from The SAK. Up until recently, when I thought of Sak bags, I thought of something like this

A crocheted mom-bag. Not really my kind of thing. Not in a bad way though, mom-bags are very becoming on some people.

But I got an email from the lovely people at The SAK this morning with some of their new styles and I was floored. Well, as floored as one can be about a handbag at 8AM before coffee. Which, let's face it is pretty floored when it comes to me, a person who gets psyched about bags the way kids get psyched about Santa, a man who is also known for his bag if i might add.

So onto my point.


The Crosstown Collection is really adorable, in my opinion. Although I am reluctant to carry a white-bag because I can make even a jet black bag look filthy within minutes, it's still very stylish. Someday, perhaps if I decide to live in a bubble I can own one. In the meantime I shall admire them from afar. Sigh.

The Peace Satchel is another one I love. I could do without the charms but the silver hardware and braided straps do it for me in a BIG way.

Clutches will always be my first love, even since I was eight years old and my mom bought me my first pair of jellies in a pearlescent blue color that came with a matching jelly clutch. And the quilted leather, plus gorgeous green color would be fabulous for say, gal on the go who wears a lot of black? Who maybe has a birthday coming up in 16 days? I'm just sayin'.

And for all you old school SAK fans, never you fear.

They don't forget their roots.

You can check out their entire collection, from knitted santas to fabulous clutches, here.


LooLoo said...

I'm all about the JET SET SATCHEL. I love them because I think I have a fondness for the word satchel.


statch chell

Sarah said...

i love that word too!


cami said...

who knew? I love them! SO cute! I don't know about being able to maintain a white bag, but I really want to!!

kim said...

the black one is really, really cute. i even like the charms on it. it works...

white? not so much. unless you are j.lo from the block with enough money to just buy a new one when it gets dirty = every three days :)

happy weekend! oh and did you see i moved? :)