Wednesday, February 07, 2007

At The Mercy of an Astronaut

Astronaut granted bond on attempted murder charge

This is totally going to be a Lifetime Movie someday. A love triangle, stalking, attempted murder: it has all the elements and a female astronaut to boot! The script practically writes itself!

As such, I have come up with some preliminary ideas for movie titles, made using the innovative method of substituting the word "Astronaut" into the titles of Lifetime movies we all know and love.

An Astronaut Scorned: The Lisa Nowak Story
Sex and Mrs. Astronaut
Astronauts in the Night
Deadly Astronauts
Eye of the Astronaut: A Moment of Truth Movie
Astronaut and Pregnant
Fugitive Astronauts: Danger in the Desert
Mother May I Sleep With An Astronaut?
My Astronaut, My Lover
Astronaut in My Bed
Not in This Astronaut!


Caity said...

I love that the CNN report has "in a relationship" in quotes!

Lys said...

Yet again - another Central Florida drama gone crazy - you should hear the DJs around here yippin' about getting Depends to sponsor stuff and one of the morning show staff's husband works for NASA. One would think they would screen more carefully *LOL*

You are beyond right - it's Lifetime in the making. Too much drama *LOL*

clipper829 said...

Astronauts Til The End

Lori said...

I can't decide which I prefer more:

Eye of the Astronaut or Not in This Astronaut. I think the second captures her true state of utter insanity.

Very clever.

The Silver Fox said...

Not Without My Astronaut.

Nicky said...

Did you see the Daily Show's bit about this story last night? Oh my God, it was hilarious. All the punny story titles have already been taken by other news media outlets.
It really is a Lifetime movie waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

The headline of the NY Post yesterday was: "Lust in Space". Any way you cut it, it's going to be great. I'm sure they'll find a role for Tori Spelling to play too.

Sarah said...

LUST IN SPACE!! that is the best. i love this story so much.

Anonymous said...

Its fairly amusing. I walked into work yesterday and the doorman (who reads my paper every morning before I get in) had put postit notes on the funniest parts of article (most notably - the adult diaper descritpion)

That Blue Girl said...

Do you think they'll cast Valerie Bertinelli or Nancy McKeon for the part?

Sarah said...

ha!! i am thinking nancy as the astronaut, valerie as the woman she stalked/attacked, and of course harry hamlin as the object if their affection! im sure there will be room for a supporting role for patty duke and/or tyne daly.

i watch too many lifetime movies. i know this.

GorditaSabrosa said...

Can't stop laughing at your post, in fact can't stop laughing at the whole story, I can't believe that even in my country this thing got the first page on the newspaper...I vote for ...the lisa nowak story or lust in space is good too.