Thursday, October 05, 2006

So, remember this guy that I was so psyched about?

Well, consider what just happened the workplace equivalent of having "the talk" with a potential beau and deciding not to see other people and then finding out he can't handle the stress of a serious relationship two days later.


He started on Tuesday and everything was working out great. He was quick, great with clients, nice phone voice, a fast learner, friendly...everything you could ask for in a new employee.

And I sat with him and trained him all day on Tuesday, and sat with him again in the morning on Wednesday and he had everything under control.

I was so proud of him. And of myself for being such an awesome trainer. And I was so excited to finally get to devote myself to my new role in the company..I even went out and bought a bunch of halloween decorations for my new office (that's how I roll) and hung them up yesterday.

So imagine my UTTER DELIGHT when he called this morning and said he decided he could not manage his night time classes AND a 25 hour a week work-week. He said he really needed to devote all his time to his studies at this point in his life.

Um, this is information that would have been useful maybe during the interview?? Or at any point prior to him showing up here and wasting my time?

What could I do but say I understood and mutter "You suck" under my breath?

It was so sad, but almost hilarious. In my company, during your first week as an employee you meet with the Marketing department for a half hour and they get your life story and send out a "Say Hello To..." email to the rest of the employees. So it was a little funny to me that 1/2 hour after Marketing sent out his "Say Hello To..." email went out, I was sending out a "Say Goodbye To..." email.

Hey, if you can't laugh at this kind of stuff then life is going to be pretty tough.

Sooooo it's back to the drawing board for me and my search for happiness in the work place. I have learned some things about the HR process for sure, and I guess I can add another question to my interview list.

"Do you think you can make it for longer than two days?".


Anonymous said...

Wow, that really blows! Good luck finding a new person.

The girl I replaced at this job had a job lined up already at another company--they had created a whole new program just for her, and then she decided to go to a different company instead. That other company was PISSED. Seriously, why do people not understand the concept of make careful decisions about your professional life?

Caity said...

How frustrating! A woman I work with started calling a guy I dated Mr. Sheffield because he asked for a committed relationship then freaked out. Find a Nanny-loving coworker, and it'll be a source of comic relief for months!

Sarah said...

ha! i love it!!

damn that maxwell.

Ezra said...

I once used that same excuse to get out of a job that I started only to find out that it SUCKED, that they had no clients (it was a PR firm - supposedly), and that judging by their business plan they were never going to get any clients.

So maybe he just hated it there.

Sarah said...

i doubt it, my work is pretty kick ass: busy in a good way, fun people, fantastic pay and benefits, a beer/wine cart on fridays at 3 .. you would have to be a real loser not to fit in here.

AnnaB said...

He's such a complete waste of a good blog entry. You must be completely bitchcakes!

Nicky said...

Do you think we can get the beer/wine cart at my preschool? I'm sure the teachers could use it by the close of the day on Friday. LOL...

Sorry that guy was such a tool.

Me said...

Hey...ha! Is the job any fun? Where do I apply? ;)

Me said...

Hey...ha! Is the job any fun? Where do I apply? ;)