Friday, October 06, 2006


I really do. And these past few days have been the kind that make me truly realize it. It's been crisp and sunny and the colors red, gold and orange are everywhere you look.

Yesterday I celebrated the season by going for a walk around Auburndale Square and taking some pictures.

And at night I whipped up a batch of Pumpkin Cupcakes

I know, I am slightly out of control. I love this season though, what can I say. It has and always will be my favorite.

(Sorry Spring, I used to like you too before you became just the rainy month between Winter and Summer)


Jaime said...


Chica said...

Those pumpkin cupcakes look so cute! It's almost a shame to eat them.

Almost :) x

Sarah said...

they are delicious! martha stewart never fails me.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a hardcore summer girl, but the longer I live here the more I find myself really enjoying fall.

Those cupcakes are totally adorable, yo.

Sarah said...


and if you live in New England, you pretty much have to love fall! how can you not? :-)

Lys said...

The Cooking Guru has struck again!!!! Fall is such a gorgeous time of year, up north *sigh*

Consider me homesick!

Nicky said...

That is impossibly adorable. I love fall too. I'm desparate to go apple picking on Saturday, but can't find a soul to go with me.

Sarah said...

i wish i could, but even though i won't be able to go apple picking with you, we should meet for apple martinis later in the night since I will be in NH!

kim said...

i usually like fall, too. it's just that i've gotten soaked on my bike TWICE this month already. and it's only the 6th... let's just hope for more of the crisp and sun over here as well. the rain = not so pretty. but your cupcakes are the cutest!

san said...

i LOVE the fall as well and halloween time in the US is definitely awesome... i am so sad i'll miss it this year :(
but your photos and the cupcakes are awesome... i will look at them, when i miss it too much ;)

Nicky said...

Alas, I promised my friend I would go to her band's gig in Lawrence!!! )o:>
Looks like we will have to come to you sometime.