Thursday, September 28, 2006

We met for the first time, and right away I sense that this is THE ONE. He is nice, smart, well-spoken and we are on the same page on so many things.

He almost reminds me of, well, me.

And it’s about time, isn’t? I mean who knew there were so many people out there who LOOKED like they would be compatible but when you actually met them it was a different story.

But this one, he is different. And after we said your goodbyes I felt more hopeful than I have in a long time.

So, after a reasonable amount of time, I call him and when he doesn’t answer I leave a voicemail.

And no call back.

And I wait, and you wait. And I wonder “Maybe the message didn’t go through?”. And I second guess myself “Was I sure that was even HIS voice on the machine? What if I dialed the wrong number?”

He seemed interested. So what gives?

And when several more hours go by I wonder “Should I maybe email him just in case?”

Because despite the warnings, I have yet again put all my eggs in one basket.

But I don’t want to seem desperate so I wait. And as I wait I start getting that sinking feeling of having to start ALL over again. Go out and meet new people. Put myself out there. Be disappointed repeatedly.

It’s almost enough to make me give up.

But then, finally, as my fingers are lingering over the keypad about to post another desperate ad, the phone rings.

And it’s him. And he says the words that every employee in charge of finding her replacement longs to hear

“I accept the job offer and can start on Monday”.

It's almost romantic, oui?


Jaime said...

YAY!!! :)

kim said...

hey, that's what i was gonna say :P

Sarah said...

thanks dudes!

AmyD said...

Haha! Great, sneaky post! Congrats on finding your guy. I know how tough that can be, so I certainly hope he works out and is happy there. Good work, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I hope it works out! Yay!

san said...

yay... that's great news ;)