Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So, I am cruising along on Monday afternoon, excited to get home and finish unpacking, and looking forward to having Tuesday off. I realized my phone was off and when I turned it back on it chimed out letting me know I had a voicemail. And WHO might have left me a message? The ONE person who has the power to instantly destroy a good mood.

My Landlord.

"I wanted to let you and Adam know that if you wanted to come clean some more today, that would be good since it costs $55 an hour to hire a cleaning lady and I know you don't want to pay that"

Say what, Insane-o? Didn't you JUST tell us yesterday that we were all set and the apartment was good to go?

And is she seriously threatening me with billing us for hiring a cleaning lady, when I know for a fact she uses a cleaning service after everyone moves out regardless of the condition of the place, and does not charge the previous tenant for it.

"And I know Adam wants me to check your mailbox so maybe if you come and clean some more then I will check your mail"

So now she is apparently blackmailing us by saying we can't get our mail unless we come back and clean an already spotless apartment. When she told us we had to be out of the apartment by 2PM Sunday at the latest. Obviously if she is saying we can come over Monday night to clean than the apartment is still vacant and we TOTALLY could have had until Monday. Especially since she had promised us until Friday in the first place.


And I have to tell you, as bitchy as she is she is our landlord and you can't ream someone out who has the ability to make your life miserable. At least I don't think it's appropriate to do so. But a girl can only take so much. So instead of calling Adam or my mother to vent and calm down, I called The Bitch right back and left her a message.

"What you are doing to Adam and I borders on harrassment. You told us we would have a week to move and then changed your mind and gave is a day and a half at the last minute. We accepted this and did our best to get the apartment clean. We went back ONCE out of courtesy to you even though the apartment is spotless. We are done. I don't want anymore phone calls about it. If you want to discuss something else, feel free to give me a call. Otherwise, have a pleasant day".

I felt slightly bad. Not for her, but for my coworkers. I think it is less than professional to answer a coworker's query of "What's wrong?" with "My landlord is a dumb bitch and I hope she dies" but hey, when I am mad, I am MAD.

She ended up calling me back at 9PM and meekly telling me she checked the mail for us and there was none. She also informed us that she was letting us keep our bikes in the laundry room as a courtesy to us which is ridiculous since it says in plain language in our lease that we can do so.

I just thanked her and bid her good night.

So either she is finally scared of me, or is secretly planning on sending us the mother of all cleaning bills.

Time will tell. In the mean time our new place is fabulous. Pictures will be forthcoming.


Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

S! The C-word was definitely warranted. I hope she dies too. Good for you for telling her what's what.

Sarah said...

she is the definition of the C-word. she is the C-wordiest person EVER. and not in a good way.

i swear i will find something else to talk about soon!

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

Please... If your wrote a book about how C-ish she is, I would read it. ha!

Sarah said...

a book!! hmmmmmm...

what could I call it?

War and Cs
The Old Man and the C
The C and the Fury
The C Wears Kmart

I am totally cracking myself up.

Nicky said...

I think that bordered on a polite retort from you after all she's put you through. She's lucky she didn't get a thorough bitching-out (with head swivel and all) like she deserves.

Sarah said...

thanks nicky. that is the bitchiest i have been to her since usually i am trying to run interference between her and adam (who has no problem telling her to F off to her face).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree that was a pretty polite response considering the INSANE crap she is putting you through. What makes people think it is okay to be complete lunatics like that?? Oh wait, I forgot that part of lunacy is not being grounded in the real world. Definitely a c-word. I'd read the book, too (The C-Word and the Fury seems and appropriate title). ;-)

kim said...

"the C wears Kmart" ? you crack ME up :)

also, what a bitch. and woohoo to you standing up to her. well done!

kate.d. said...

right on, sarah! now, i have to disagree with you on the c-word issue on basic principle (and sadly, regardless of how funny those book titles are), but i think it's great that you called and told her essentially where to shove it.

too many woman won't stand up for themselves when they are treated ridiculously, and i'm glad you did! not that i think you have any problem doing so, of course :) but way to be a good example of non-pushover-ness for everyone else!

Lys said...

Sarah - put that wench on BLAST! She's just trying to see how far she can push and she needs to know that there are laws against that. It's not a dictatorship in her little world. She needs to abide by the lease and she's already done WAY too much to you and ADAM!

Love the new look of the blog :)

AmyD said...

Ahahaaa! Good for you!! I would have done the same, except for I would have been more mean, I think. Oh wait, I'm dealing with similar shit, and I'm just PRAYING they pay me back my security deposit, even though I have made that apartment even NICER since I've lived there. Never mind.

Congrats on the move! Where are the pics? I expect, after you've kicked you landlord's ass again, to have some up on this here site, ok? Ha! ;o)

Sarah said...

we JUST got the internet up and running last night so i will hopefully have pics up tomorrow! what we SHOULD have done is take pics of the old place so she can't stick us with a bill for nonexistant damages. but we didn't think of it until we gave back the key. she better don't, that's all i'm saying.

Jenni said...

Good for you! I totally would've done the same.

Too bad she's still your landlord...

Sarah said...

i know, right.!~ we love our place more than we hate her. it's unfortunate.

Me said...

What a bitch. Screw that! Awesome phone message on your part.

Can you imagine how's she's probably been taking advantage of people before. C-word is a good one.