Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This is the first weekday in SO LONG that I didn't post (although yes I know I am posting now, at 8PM but that doesn't count).


1) I am trying out a new blog design because I am BORED and tired of using MS Paint to come up with my own crappyass designs. I might stick with this. Or might not.


2) My landlord is..yes, i am going to say it....a total cunt. Don't bitch at me for using that word because I ASSURE you it is totally warranted. I can't wait to blog about it tomorrow.


3) I had the day off today and had the pleasure of welcoming our new bedroom furniture into the world/our apartment AND watching two movies I have never seen before but now love, In Her Shoes, and Rebecca. All in all, a splendid day off.


4) I am so glad the internet finally works in this piece.


Andy said...

Work: Rebecaa, cunt & furniture.

Andy said...

p.s. "cunty" design. ;-)

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

Great new look - I almost chose this one, but decided the peachy pink and purple better suited me.

Second - 'In Her Shoes' is great. Saw it on my way to Vegas. The book is equally as good, if not better.

kim said...

i like the new look. now after moving into a new place you felt like re-decorating here as well, hm? i'm sorry your landlord's a cunt and i can't wait to hear the stories. also, i LOVE "in her shoes" - i cried a lot, in a good way of course. it also backed up my opinion about life in florida before the age of 73 :)

Sarah said...

andy: work! i can't wait for you to see the new place!

girlie: thanks for linking to that woman, i love her designs! and i LOVED In Her Shoes, and i cried as well!

kim: TOTALLY moving to florida when I retire. If the Golden Girls didn't drive that point home, then this movie totally did :-)

Anonymous said...

I just watched In Her Shoes last weekend! VERY good. Loved it. The book certainly is wonderful as well.

Love the new look, too. Very fresh and fun. My little bloggy needs something new but I'm lazy and have no idea what I'm doing with this stuff.

Sarah said...

thanks! this is just an interim design from I actually made something new for fall but it is being a little wonky so I am having a friend punch it up for me...

oh and i totally didn't epect to lobe IHS as much as I did. So good!

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

"You thought I loved Rebecca?? You thought that?? I HATED her!"

love it!

Sarah said...

haha! <3

Rebecca was a C word too.

The Pink Kitty said...

I love the new design!