Friday, July 14, 2006

So today on a whim I picked up a can of TAB Energy for no reason other than I felt like drinking something pink and it was too early in the day for Cosmos

Now, I was never a Red Bull fan because the taste was not for me. If I were to become a caffeine-drink regular, this is something I could somewhat get behind. It tastes like a soda version of a watermelon Jolly Rancher, and it definitely perks me up when I hit my daily 2PM wall of malaise.

I could see mixing it with vodka and having a very pleasnt little pickmeup. I plan on testing this theory tonight before I head out for margs & whatnot at Acapulco's. Because you know the saying "Alcohol before Alcohol : in the clear?".

Something like that.

Plus, did I mention it is PINK. It's fun to drink something so adorable.


Lys said...

Try it - I don't think you'd be disappointed. I've slowly grown to appreciate this little energy burst :) Plus, after a long week that I've had, this has come in VERY handy..

*hoping I don't develop another caffine addiction*

Sarah said...

i think you are right. i do believe i shall be picking some more up this afternoon :-)

MarisaJosephine said...

whoa! i shall go buy one on my way out tonight....i am soooooo tired today!

yay its friday!!!!!!


ka-rista said...

I drink red bull and vodka occasionally, especially on a Friday because now I'm old and need a nap before I go out. Then I'm wired and drunk, I probably look as if I just did some drugs. Hotness.

Sarah said...

lol my friend jeanne and i were just talking about that. fridays = rough for us old folks. we must rally and still go out though of course

Matt said...

i didnt even know tab still existed

Sarah said...

matt it's a new version of it. like Tab meets Red Bull :-)

Brianne said...

you are correct in your assumption---vodka+tab is the best pick me up ever

then did lead to short term memory loss after I turned 21

but I also had about 7 of them, so that could also be why