Monday, July 17, 2006

I am still glowing from this past weekend, so fabulous a time did I have.

I mean literally, I am glowing. I am so sunburned I suspect I may be radioactive.

This is what comes of 1) switching from SPF 15 to SPF 10 because "I'm not getting enough color" AND 2) not applying it evenly AT ALL. I love the spray sunscreen for convenience, but MAN is it tricky to get it on evenly.

Succinctly I have somewhat of a tan on some portions of my body, a bright red right shin, bright red left upper thigh, super bright red nose, and sun poisoning on my upper left arm.

I am HOT (both figuratively and literally).

Other than this bit of nastiness I had a great time. On Saturday morning Adam and I headed up to Old Orchard Beach, ME to stay for the weekend with his parents and celebrate his dad's birthday. His brother Dennis and his wife Beth also joined us and we had a lot of fun lounging by the pool, strolling on the beach, dining on the Pier, etc. On the way home, Sunday afternoon, Adam and I stopped in Portsmouth, NH for dinner and some shopping. Is there a cuter town in New Hampshire? I think not.

Click below for more pictures from the weekend.

I would love to write some witty comments about the pictures I took but truth be told I am a little under the weather today and am home from work recuperating. A word to the wise, when people start telling you "God you are really getting pink!", Do not think "Woo hoo! I am finally getting some color". Instead, think "Hmm, perhaps I ought to reapply my sunscreen? Perhaps not in a paltry SPF 10".

Your shins, nose, thighs, upper arms and all around general well being will thank me.


e$ said...

I was in Maine this weekend too (York Beach), and got a little roasted on my back. That's what you get for putting a MAN be in charge of your SPF needs! katsumi is so obsessive about crap like that, I thought I'd be OK for sure!

Sarah said...

i wish i had listened to adam. he was all "you are going to be burned and miserable later" and i was all "phhhhht!". i lose!

The Pink Kitty said...

Funny, many a times the boy has told me, "you're going to be burned and miserable later" and still, I NEVER listen to him. and, I always end up burned and miserable.

also, I love your necklace in these pictures!

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

After one too many raging burns - I'm so pale, I hardly ever tan - I'm all about SPF 30 or more. I wore 50 the entire time I was in Aruba, and still turned a nice, bright pink by the end.

SPF 10 - I'd be in the hospital with sun poisoning after a half hour!

clipper829 said...

How cute are you guys? And Adam's parents - holding hands! I'm dying from all the cuteness!

Stacey said...

Not to beat a dead horse, but yeah, sunburns suck. I put SPF 30 on every weekend at my lake house and STILL manage to get burned. I think I may have to give up altogether & use the nephew's SPF 60!

Sarah said...

i am tricky because my dad is irish pale never tans, and my mom is lebanese olive skin never burns. I am a mix so i burn first at the beginnig of the summer and then get pretty dark as the summer goes on. unfortunately right now SPF 15 means slight tan and SPF 10 means burning death. if only there was SPF 12!

Stacey said...

Haha - can you mix 10 & 15? That sounds like an accident waiting to happen . . . or a fantastically good idea!