Monday, July 17, 2006

And lest we all forget about Restaurant Week , for it is soon upon us.

Make your reservations NOW before all the prime times at the prime places sell out. Adam and I will be dining at Smith and Wollensky's on the 18th, for a cool $30.06 a person.

It's a fantastic deal not to be missed!!


ka-rista said...

oh you are the BEST! I missed out the last time around.

My cvs/revlon trip was sucsessful! Nude Lustre is PERFECT!

Sarah said...

woo hoo!! glad to hear it!

alisa said...

Crap I will be in MN. Maybe I could do the 20-25. Hmmm who could be my date? I will have to ponder that one.

e$ said...

I'm going to Pigalle, then probably one more... SO. EXCITED.

Sarah said...

yay! i also made reservations at Lumiere so i can do one IN the city and one OUT of the city. and combined it will still cost less than dinner at either one usually does :-)