Friday, July 14, 2006

Adam and I were driving home from Barnes and Nobles last night, when I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of joy. I turned to him and asked "Do you know what I think the best feeling in the world is?".

"Having sex?", he asked, hopefully.

"Um, no." I replied, "Eating Taco Bell after a long night out when you are drunk and SUPER HUNGRY! Don't you agree!?"

I was dead serious. You see, at this point of last night it was around 8/8:30PM and I had not had dinner yet and had not really had lunch and thus was STARVED. And for some reason this hunger triggered a memory of being super starving in New Hampshire last year, after a night out in Manchester where many gin & tonics had been consumed but no food since breakfast and Adam suggested we stop at Taco Bell on the way home. I hadn't been to Taco Bell in literally 8 or 9 years and was skeptical. Little did I know that drunk munchies + a Grande Soft Taco = ecstatsy.

In any case Adam doubted that this taco-related feeling was "THE BEST" feeling in the world so we then proceeded to list other feelings that can be construed as "THE BEST"). The list included:

*Peeing when you REALLY REALLY REALLY have to pee. Especially if you have been in a car and holding it for over 15 minutes.

* Scratching a really bad itch. Especially if it was on the bottom of your foot and you had a complicated shoe like a sneaker or boot on and thus satisfaction was delayed as you try to remove the sneaker/boot but then when you do and you scratch it is like "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". Adam mentioned that scratching "your sac" has the same effect sometimes but unfortch I would not know.

* That instant that you lie down in bed when you are bone tired and have been thinking about getting into bed ALL DAY.

*When you wake up startled at 7:00AM and think you are running late and start to get out of bed....and then realize it's the weekend and you can go back to sleep for however damn long you please.

*Drinking a glass of water when you are PARCHED. I am really bad about keeping myself hydrated and there are times when I am SO SO SO SO THIRSTY that when I finally get a glass of water it is like manna from heaven. You would think that since water is basically everywhere I would not have a problem drinking enough of it. This is not the case.

I can't think of the rest of them but of course there are more and everyone probably has different ones but I think the above are a good representative of Things The General Population Thinks Feels REALLY REALLY Good.


ka-rista said...

Walking in an air conditioned store after you’ve been walking around in a 90+ humid day in Boston. That’s me tomorrow on Newbury Street, I’ll be a wilted flower for sure.


Sneezing after you had that weird pre sneeze sensation in your nose.

Sarah said...

ohhh GOOD ONES!!! sneezing = the best!!!

Jaime said...

i vote for this one:
* That instant that you lie down in bed when you are bone tired and have been thinking about getting into bed ALL DAY

Lindsay said...

Having someone play with your hair....

my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Call me strange but...after you get out of the shower and you've got water all in your ears and you Q-tip them...feels awesome.

Sarah said...

thats actually a really good one! sometimes in the morning when I am ironing, i will realize I have water in my ear from my shower and i canNOT get back in the bathroom fast enought to grab a Q-tip. so, if you are strange then so am I!

ang said...

when you have a horrible headache (hangover or otherwise) and you go to sleep and then wake up hours later and open your eyes slowly and you realize its gone and you feel fine...and you're like "oh my god i forgot how good feeling normal is!"

Stacey said...
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Stacey said...

I've got two:

*when you are on your feet for a really long time (like maybe the Walk for Hunger or some other sadistic thing) and you SIT DOWN. that's all and it feels amazing!

*when you've been longing to be in some lovely location (the Cape, New Hampshire, whatever) and you finally get there and sit down and just say "Ahhhh."

Oh, and I totally hear you on the drunk munchies thing. When I lived in Scotland, we always stopped at the local chippie for a big plate of hot chips with melted cheese, salt & brown sauce (tasty British sauce that is, yes, named for its color). Yum - and so much better after a few pints.

e$ said...

yes, I'm totally seconding the "emerging from hangover" feeling, although that's not quite what ang was talking about. That is THE BEST.

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

this is related to the water in your ear but, a totally different feeling than the Q-tip thing...

*When you've just been swimming and your chillin' out by the pool or beach and the warm water suddely squirts out of your ear... aaaahhhh... nice..


clipper829 said...

The first stiff drink after 9 months of being pregnant. I have to vote that one as the best feeling EVER.

Also, like I blogged before - a freezing cold shower with peppermint body scrub right before bed on a 90+ degree day.

The Pink Kitty said...

since I live in the land of eternal fog, i love the feeling of waking up and then stepping outside to be bathed in sunlight and realizing that it's actually going to be warm for once.

Also, when being really cold, I like the feeling of stepping into a hot bath and reclining, kind of like the crappiness of the cold and the day just floats away like steam.

drunkness + taco bell chicken soft taco also = heaven. or a burrito from the mission ;)

Nicky said...

I think you can generalize all of your "Best Feelings" into ONE catatory. That catagory is "RELIEF". Did you notice that every single thing off of your list had to do with being relieved of uncomfortableness or pain? None of it was like, "The best feeling is dancing naked in the park" or anything like that. It was all, "You're soooo thirsty, then you get a drink of water!" You're basically saying the best feeling is getting what you want after being in desparate need of it. On that theme, would something like having sex after not having had any for a long time make it to your list? Just an interesting thought.

kate.d. said...

relating nicky's point, you know what i was just thinking about the other day? how one of the perverse pleasures of being a woman is the gleeful relief that you can get from taking off a a really uncomfortable bra.

i have a strapless bra that i have to wear with certain shirts, and it does its job in every capacity except it cinches and pinches so much that by the end of the day, i want NOTHING more than to be able to take it off. this was the situation when i walked into the locker room at the gym the other day, and when i finally got to release the hooks on that thing, it was like "ahhhhhh. thank god."

and i was struck by how the removal of pain was actually pleasurable in that way, and that a guy would never know how good it felt to take off a really restrictive bra.

well, at least not in the same sense :)

Sarah said...

AMEN kate. there are times when i remove my strapless bra at the end of the day and am like "FREE AT LAST!!!". it is ecstatic. And I think Nicky has a point, relief= the most pleasurable feeling. to me at least.

Anonymous said...

this sort of ties into one of yours already.

i'm going on assumption and i'll know for sure soon enough. but getting a huge cast removed after having it on for 2 weeks and i can finally itch my foot/leg!

also- showering after being sweaty/sticky/salty/dirty. that awesomely great shower. then putting on pjs. i love that feeling.
<3 danielle

Jolene said...

#1, certainly! I have to drive an hour and 45 minutes to get from work to my boyfriend's every Friday. usually, by the time I get there, I am ready to burst!!

all of these are great!!