Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So I may have mentioned once or twice or, you know, a hundred times that I was going to the Huey Lewis/Chicago concert last night.

Well, I did. And it was AMAZING!!! I think the Bank of America Pavilion is my very favorite concert venue of all.

I saw Huey in concert five years ago with Jill and he was just as awesome, if not better. And I didn't think I could get behind a Peter Cetera-less Chicago but they were fabulous as well. They played all the hits, and even some new stuff which I did not find as boring as I tend to find new stuff lately. So So So So Good overall.

I had purchased the tickets for Adam and our friends Jill and Bryan in the back area of the Bank of America Pavilion, where it is all tables and chairs and you can move around and dance and not have to worry about people sitting behind you.

I had thought this was a "general admission" type scene ut we did in fact have assigned seats and they were NOT together. So we did the honest thing and snagged a table near the front that was not ours, and hid the table number so the people who actually belonged to Table 29 would not try and sit there.

My brilliant plan worked for about an hour before the less than amused ticket-taking woman showed up with the rightful owners of that table. It turned out though that they were the nicest people ON EARTH and did not send us to the back where we belonged but instead pulled up chairs with us and we all had a grand old time. I was so happy (and let's face it, a little cocked) so I bought them all glasses of champagne.

They were PSYCHED!

Jill and I had a great time with our new friend Flat Stanley (Zbornak).

Adam and Bryan had a good time

Chicago had a good time.

And you know, Huey Lewis had a fantastic time too but I didn't realize I could sneak up front to take pictures until the second part of the show so all the ones I have of him and his fabulous News are from far, far away.

After the concert we took in some outdoor art

And headed over to Silvertone's to keep the party going with our friends Sarah and Dan who just got engaged and are here visiting from Baltimore.

All in all, a smashing sucess of a night. And what makes it all the more smashing? I have today and tomorrow off from work.

See more pics here:


MarisaJosephine said...

did Chicago play the song
"color my world"?

That is my fave
its so romantic!

Cath said...

Sarah - I have been reading you for months now and am finally commenting - you are totally my soul mate with the love for Huey Lewis and the News and Chicago. I saw them here in Houston at the end of June and loved the show. One of my favorite parts was the people who went all out in 80s clothes for the occasion! Agree Chicago can still rock even sans-Cetera.

Love your adventures and witty musings and (of course) the fab pictures.

Sarah said...

yay cath! i am always psyched to find another Huey/Chicago fan!!!

Matt said...

i do like seeing shows at the pavilion!

AmyD said...

I can understand your excitement about Chicago...this fall I was at Mohegan Sun and made friends with some old guys at a bar while I waited for my friends to find me because I was lost. You know how when you were little and lost and your mom would tell you taht if that happened just to STAY WHERE YOU ARE and she would find you?? Anyway, I I make friends with these guys who once my friends come and find me, tell us that they have 4 tickets to Chicago that night that they don't want and we can have them for free. I knew I liked some songs, but duidn't realize how many others I knew and loved!! What an AWESOME concert!!! I am not even gping to go into my jealousy that you saw Hewet Lewis, who I have loved ever since I was a little girl!!!! Lucky you!!

Sarah said...

that is amazing! I feel the same way about Chicago. Up until a few years ago, I knew the power ballads (you know "You're the Inspiration" and "Hard to Say i'm Sorry", etc) and i LOVED them but when i realized how many more songs I love and had no idea they were Chicago songs, I was even more in love. And yes, Huey is the MAN.