Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I feel like I live in a commercial sometimes.

I commercial for Tide To Go Pens

Now I think you are all up to speed with the fact that I am a bit of a slob. Food has been known to fall off my fork, coffee has been known to leak, my pens have been known to magically get their ink all over shirts.

So, about a month ago I was sitting at my desk when a woman wearing a white suit bursts into the office. "I heard someone here has a Tide Pen?" she asked. We all looked at her fora few seconds before she realized more information was needed.

"I work for XY company on the third floor. I ran into Stacy (a coworker) in the bathroom and she said she someone in this office had a Tide Pen" and with that she motioned frantically at the large, blue inky stain on the lapel of her oh so white suit.

To our surprise, a coworker Hannah reached into her purse and handed The Pen to this woman, and we all watched as within minutes of her stabbing furiously at the stain with The Pen, it began to dissapear. By the time she handed it back to Hannah that stain was all but a memory.

This made a huge impression on slobby ol' me and I went out immediately and picked one up for my handbag and one for my desk drawer. And I am not kidding, they are a MIRACLE. If seeing it remove INK from a WHITE SUIT isn't enough to prove that then should I mention it took coffee off of my beige raw-silk tank top? Or that it took dried I don't know what off of Adam's Curt Schilling jersey?

A MIRACLE, people.

And so I was not at all surprised when, just now, a young woman burst into the office, wearing a white tanktop that was stained with what looked like chocolate ice cream around the hem. "I work down the hall, I heard someone here has a Tide Pen!?" she asked, looking frantically around.

This time, instead of blank looks of confusionm this woman was greeted by three of us reaching into our purses and saying in almost unision said "Here you go".

I am telling you. Good news travels fast.

If only the good news "Don't wear white to work" traveled equally as fast.


Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

I am getting one!!

Anonymous said...

A word of warning... I too had heard such stories of the laundering miracles performed by the tide pen so I went out got one. Not long after I was lunching at work when some unruly sauce of some sort landed in the drop zone (shelf created by amble chest area) of my baby blue cotton sweater... I went at it with the tide pen and sure enough the stain came out... along with the baby blue die that formerly resided in the surrounding region... now I have a little white bullseye front and center... not so cute... just maybe think twice before attacking a stain on a non-white background

kim said...

i want one, too... that thing sounds like something i need :) i'm gonna ask C to get one when he comes!

kate.d. said...

wow, i should look into this. sounds like a good girl-bag standby! and thanks for the word of warning on the coloring situation, anonymous person...that's good to know too!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I am notoriously clumsy and sloppy myself (and the owner of lovely white pants with blue scribbles on them). I will have to look into this.

ang said...

i must also lease praise for this product. as a very sloppy person, i often stain shirts in the "drop zone" (or as my bf likes to say "the crumb catchers"). the tide pen works wonders! i haven't tried my signature spill though, red wine. the package says it should work, but i am skeptical...

Sarah said...

LOL i love the term "the drop zone".

Marilyndrew said...

I tried a Tide stick yesterday, it kind of got out the Macoronni and Cheese stain and deffinatly turned the area white - I'm waiting until after it goes through the laundry to see if it bleeched forever.

Do you guys use it on colors??

On a completly unrelated note, please blog about your breast reduction - I want to know all about it. (not because I'm a pervert, OK, I am a pervert, but I also have big boobs and want to know all about shrinking them down)

Sarah said...

i used it on a brown tanktop last weekend and it did turn a little white but when i washed it, it came out perfect.

oh and i did blog about my breast reduction when i had it done in 2003.

it was the best thing i ever did!!! i only went from an E/DDD to a D (because if you are in your child bearing years and have not yet had children they basically wont let you do down more than 2 or 3 cup sizes because you will not be able to breast feed). but it made an enourmous difference. they also threw in a breast lift and my health insurance paid for the whole thing.