Thursday, July 27, 2006

I just spent the past four hours in a shopping flurry that stretched from the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, with stop-offs at the Quincy Marshalls and TJ Maxx, and ending up at the Talbot's outlet in Hingham. The first three stops were gift-hunting adventures for Adam's birthday this weekend. And the last stop was a reward to myself for being such a good gift-buyer.

I have often wondered, who are the people who shop in the middle of the afternoon on weekdays? (Besides stay at home moms and the elderly?)

Assholes, that's who.

Should I tell you about how in line at TJ Maxx I was sandwiched between a girl who was trying on her bras OVER her shirt to model for her boyfriend and a woman who couldn't decide which pair of $8 sunglasses she wanted as the cashier sat there waiting to ring in her sale for FIVE MINUTES? Or about the old man who pretended to be feeble so I would offer to help him and then blatantly, and not so feebly, touched my breast!?

Or should I tell you about how at Milton's some lady remarked "Foreigners ALWAYS pay in cash..why is that?" when she saw me hand the sales girl a $50 bill for my items?

Or what about the woman at Talbots who felt the need to tell me how tacky the gold leather handbag I was checking out was, and how "that is how you KNOW Talbots has really gone downhill." Honey, you are in the Outlet, you are at the bottom of the hill. Deal with it. I swear if it hadn't cost $72 I would have bought it just to spite her.

It was funny, because I had figured that since I was going out in the middle of the day on a Thursday, there would be great parking spots for the taking, and no lines in the stores but it was AS mobbed as it is on the weekends, everywhere I went.

And you know, maybe some woman right now it as home complaining about the asshole girl at Talbots who asked a passer-by to help her locate the blemish on an "As Is" seersucker jacket, and when that woman declined to help, muttered "jerk" under her breath.

So maybe in calling all these woman assholes, I must also admit that I am asshole as well.

But at least I scored this fabulous, pleated & flared silk skirt marked down to $38 from $118.

And between that deal, and the good luck I had at the mall getting Adam's gifts, I feel that asshole or not, a succesful day was still had.


e$ said...

I would hazard a guess that assholes gravitate to places like Marshall's and TJMaxx and outlet stores. Don't get me wrong, i loooove Marshall's, but the shoppers have MASSIVE attitude.

it's like: shut up, you're buying on discount.

Sarah said...

it's true. i also believe that the location of said TJ Maxx and Marshalls directly affects the amount of assholes. For instance: the Marshalls in Braintree has about half as many assholes as the one in Quincy.

e$ said...

Newton marshalls = assholes cubed

Anonymous said...

I hate the people who complain that they are in a hurry and simply "cannot stand in line". Happened to me at Target twice. Like they are the only ones out shopping? Sheesh.

kate.d. said...

"Foreigners ALWAYS pay in cash..why is that?"

oh my god, that is freaking hilarious. i mean, it's ridiculous in a xenophobic kinda way, but really, what kind of "foreigner" did she think you were? canadian??

Sarah said...

seriously! the only thing the term "foreigner" does for me is it assures that i will be singing in my head for the rest of the day "I wanna know what love iiissss! I want you to show me!".