Friday, July 07, 2006

Since the advent of the summer, I have been going every Thursday on my lunch break to get a mani at Four Seasons Nail in Newton which I HIGHLY reccomend. It costs only $12 and they do a bangup job. There is a wide screen TV on the back wall usually tuned to some kind of interesting daytime TV (in this week's case I got to watch 10 minutes of "Ellen" and 20 minutes of Wimbledon). And the seats you sit in to get your nails did are massage chairs! If that isn't a nice mid-day pick me up I don't know what is.

Anyway I have been doing mostly neutrals on my toenails and fingernails because let's be frank, when it chips it looks less noticible. I have been known to do a bright pink toe when the mood strikes me as well.

Anyway I have become a fan of the Essie line, particularly "Fiji" which is a nice pale, opaque, pinky, beige, white type color.

But this week when I went I could not find the bottle anywhere So I decided on another similar looking color, "Fit Me on the Jitney". It LOOKED like a nice, pale, beigy-pink neutral fun "off to the Hamptons" type nail color.

In fact it turns out to be basically transparent, pink and somenow semi-irridescent. I.E. Not at all what I wanted.

Not to mention the fact that I have already effed nearly all of the nails on my left hand up because I rushed out of the salon without letting them dry to get away from the large man who was sitting next to me in the salon and felt the need to hump his chair everytime Maria Sharpova grunted which if you have been watching Wimbledon is all the damn time.

In any case I am tempted to go back and ask for a touch up but it IS my fault so I assume I will have to pay for a whole new one. Or find that large humping man and demand $12.


MarisaJosephine said...

i hate it when you cannot find the color you are looking for.
also try watermelon for your feet
it also essie
essie lasts longer
i screwed up my mani last week right when i left the salon
i was so upset
you know what was the culprit?
the damn spray you can spray to quick dry.... i reccomend NOT USING IT because it can totally
screw up your mani

oh well
with light colors you cannot see the imperfections that is why i prefer it

also i work a lot with my hands(typing....blogging...)
good luck with your mani
let it be art!

Sarah said...

watermelon!that sounds awesome!!
you are right about essie, it DOES last longer. but only if you let it dry naturally for like 15 minutes. which i normally do but that GD man ruined it for me.

clipper829 said...

Ooh! I have the watermelony color by Essie and I use it on my toes. Essie is the best. I too get Fiji or Mademoiselle on my fingers. I used another one recently that when it dried looked like nylons.

I think the spray messes it up too, for me anyways.