Friday, July 07, 2006

So, we found a place. And put a deposit on it.


Interestingly enough, it is a mere two buildings down from where we live now. Perks include: ocean views, a WHOLE OTHER BEDROOM other than ours (a novel concept to me), a new kitchen and bathroom, fabulous light and last but not least (but perhaps the clincher) a BUILT IN SHOE RACK in the closet in the spare bedroom which shall henceforth be called My Dressing Room (I fully intend to order a Vanity as soon as we move in. And maybe some kind of marabou-trimmed peignoir.)

We move in at the end of August and our landlady was nice enough to allow us a full week to fully move in without charging us rent. So we can move little by little after work and such.

God, I just remembered how much I hate moving.

But the pain of moving is always ameliorated by the joy of decorating a new place, oui?

Now, it may dismay some of you to know that I am a big fan of Thomas McKnight. In my formative years a friend's mother who I believed to be the shizz had one of his prints framed in her living room and it made an impression on me. So I have the artistic taste of a 40 year old divorcee. Combine that with my musical taste of a 50 year old man and basically I am a divorced couple living in a womans body.

But I love the Thomas McKnight. It cannot be helped.

And so I have decided (and Adam has agreed lest you think I am some kind of Design Dictator*) that in the living room we shall do away with all the Van Gogh canvas transfers and make with the Thomas McKnight framed print.

"Hyannisport", to be specific.

I intend to base a lot of the accents in the room on the color schemes in this painting, especially since our living room furniture is the same color as the mouldings around the windows. Does this make me a massive nerd? Absolutely. But I am a nerd with a project, which makes for a very happy nerd at least.

*This totally reminded me than when some of my friends and I formed a book club in 2002, Andy hastily, and I think appropriately renamed it "Sarah's Book Dictatorship". I am trying to reign in my dictatorness though, believe me.


clipper829 said...

Oh, yay! That's great news about the place, and the week to move in. Fabulous. In our house, I also have A Dressing Room - and I insist upon this in any future house we may have. It really keeps things much neater, believe it or not.

Oh - and I love the print. I may have to check out Thomas McKnight, as we still have very, very little up on our walls a year after moving in!

Sarah said...

exactly! plus, adam goes to work an hour later than I do so the past two years I have been getting ready for work in the living room/bathroom which is just not cutting it anymore. and with my jewelery and shoes out of the bedroom and my makeup out of the bathroom that is cutting down on like 60% of the mess in our place anyway! woo hoo!

kim said...

that's great news. congratulations!

i think women should be somewhat of the design/decoration dictators in relationships anyway. if it weren't for that theory of mine and the realization of such i'd live in a mainly jaegermeister-decorated place with no closets but plain racks and boxes for my shoes in no time. doing all of the dictatorship so he, the man of the household, actually gets the impression he's really the one making the decisions of course :) the result is that everyone is happy and we can actually invite people over...

Sarah said...

haha yeah.i feel like if i allowed Adam free reign we would be have Red Sox curtains and Fenway wallpaper :-P. he still thinks that is a possibilty in the spare room. he is mistaken :-P

kate.d. said...

congrats on finding a place! i am haunting the DC craigslist apartment page like it's my job. i think, however, that two bedrooms are out of the question for us. i feel like i would give my right arm for an extra bedroom, but the housing prices there are so insane. unless i want to live out in the suburban sticks, a one bed it will have to stay.

oh, and the vanity is a great idea :)

Sarah said...

thanks girl!! how's the eye? and Boston is probably just as bad DC... Hence we live in a suburb of Boston. lukcily not the sticks though. But even being 10 minutes from downtown cuts your rent basicaly in half!:-P

Lys said...

Boston-esque rents are something I don't miss.. Unfortunately I lived in Lawrence eons ago and even then it was 1200 a month for a small apartment.. dunno why - it was LAWRENCE ;)

Anywayz - congrats on the new place :) And Adam should know Dressing Room trumps Red Sox homage.. and she who has the most shoes wins :)