Monday, June 26, 2006

Sometimes when i am frustrated at work, I play a little game. The game goes like this

When you dial anyone's three digit extension: you say something offensive as you dial. So like when I dial "308" I might say in my head "I Hate You". as I punch in each number. Or if I am dialing 402 I might say "Go to Hell". And I am not expressing this sentiment at the person I am dialing, but rather just my own pissiness at the day in general.

So, nothing personal.

But the coworker I just called will definitely take it personally because when she answered I was a little caught up in my own game and had been expecting her voicemail to pick up and so I blurted out "You are suck". Which doesnt even make sense first of all and second of all is kind of offensive.

I tried and brush it off like "Oh I was talking to someone else, sorry!".

Clearly I am now psyched.

Maybe that can be my next one? I Am Psyched.


the person called -ME said...

that was really funny

AmyD said...

Hee hee! Wow, I'm SO gonna try that one when I'm having a bad day. So, when the person answered and heard you say, "You are suck," did you in turn start laughing uncontrollably, with concentration on the last "HA!"? Because if you didn't, I'm going to be very disappointed. ;o)

Nicky said...

You just made me cry laughing