Monday, June 26, 2006

Things I almost bought this weekend just because they were on sale:

- Black and white checkered rubber loafers from Talbots that were marked down from $75 to $7

- Hot pink Coach clutch with yellow gold chain strap from the Coach Outlet (which, incidentally, I did not know was now at Wrentham and I am now really excited). This was actually the toughest to walk away from. I found it hidden behind some butter-yellow totes and I think I was only excited about it because it was the last one in the whole store. The fact that you could fit nothing in it, and that the chain was kind of rusty made no impression on me. When I finally came to grips with the fact that it was on clearance for a reason, I turned to Adam and I said "Put this clutch over there for me and let's leave the store immediately without looking back" because if I turned around and saw someone pick it up I would have to immediately tear it from their hands, rust and all, and some sort of melee would be sure to ensue. So we walked from the Coach store with our heads held high, Adam walking slightly behind me so as to block my view of the abandoned clutch. That's how I roll.

- Stained lavender satin pointy toed flats with a bow on the front from Kenneth Cole marked down from over $100 to around $10 (for good reason, no doubt). These ones I actually picked up and carried around with me until Adam was like "Are you serious?" when I had to have a talk with myself and realize that, in fact, I was not.

- Beverly Feldman brown sequined loafers from Off Fifth. Seriously I feel like the whole concept of Off Fifth is based on the fact that people will buy something ugly, simply because it is designer and on clearance. I always get my hopes up in their clearance sections and always I leave there feeling like someone was trying to play a trick on me and make me believe for a minute that 6 inch stiletto snakeskin boots are a good idea simply because they are Isaac Mizrahi and 70% off. Or that red plastic tiny-framed sunglases MUST be hot because they are Dior. It ain't right.

All of this is not to say that I didn't have any luck this weekend. I did get quite a fetching (yes, I said fetching) yellow and blue Provencal table cloth for the kitchen at the Williams Sonoma outlet for out new kitchen (our accent color in the kitchen is now red, but when we move into our new place I am thinking more yellow and blue).

That is one hot tablecloth if you ask me.

The Williams Sonoma outlet is actually quite dangerous because they will have throroughly discounted things mixed in with things that are not so discounted making it easy for certain patrons to, say, pick up a cocktail plate and see that it is only $3 and get excited and then pick up some condiment dishes next to it that are, say, $30 and still think that is good times as well. I love WS though. They can do no wrong.

I will say this though, I believe for the first time in my life I am shopped out. I was out shopping all day with my mother on Saturday and all day with Adam yesterday and right now I can't even get it up to peruse the Saks sale online even though an email this morning informed me some of their summer items are up to 70% off.

Give me a few hours though.


clipper829 said...

Ohhh, the WS outlet is my FAVORITE. I always hit that place up before holidays and get stuff to decorate my house. But you are right - last year, I got this like cornucopia thing for $2 bucks, but spent probably $25 on a set of Halloween themed cocktail plates.

Because I give lots of Halloween themed cocktail parties, apparently.

kim said...

i am the same way about wanting to buy something simply because it's designer AND on sale even if it's ugly or doesn't really fit me. and another problem on top of that is that i'm always thinking about how i don't know when i will be in the US the next time and how we don't have deals like that in germany and how i could totally pull this off and be like "well, it's a famous designer in the US and i bought it in chicago" and that would make people forget that it's ugly and doesn't even fit right... sales are EVIL. what makes me really mad is the fact that i work in advertising so i should KNOW BETTER!

Sarah said...

it makes me laugh when other people do it so i try REALLY hard never to do it myself....but of course sometimes i can't help myself. :-) it does help that Adam usually puts the style smack down on me.

Anonymous said...

One of my best friends works at the WS call center. He gets a 40% discount on all WS, PB and all the other WS brands. I swear thats not the only reason he's my friend, but it helps.


Sarah said...

holy crap!! that is a damn good friend to have.

clipper829 said...

Oh, and wow, that is the table cloth and napkins I have in my dining room.

Great taste we have, no?

Sarah said...

i love our taste!

alisa said...

That tablecloth would look fabulous in my red accented kitchen. I wonder if there is a limit on how many bridal registries I can have. I missed the poast where you said you were moving what is the scoop?

Sarah said...

we may have found a place but we havent signed a lease yet so i didnt want to come out and say anything until then....but either way i am redoing the kitchen! :-)

jayniek said...

oooh....i so want that tablecloth. like, really, it's gorgeous. and i've never thought that about a tablecloth before.

i read your blog all the time and my first comment is about a tablecloth? damn me.

Sarah said...

haha! hey what can i say? that tablecloth is a hot topic! :-)