Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Last night on the way home, I called Adam as I usually do to say "I'm stuck in traffic, how YOU doin'?". I also wanted to ask him if the Ghetto Mart down the street from our apartment sold eggs. Because I was making turkey meat loaf that night and didn't want to wait in the 20 minute apres-work-mad-rush lines at Stop& Shop just to buy one item when I could just breeze in and out of the Ghetto Mart in a minute.

I expected the conversation to go something like this: "Hey Adam, do they sell eggs at the Ghetto Mart?" "Why yes, Sarah they do!" or "I'm sorry Sarah but they do not".

Of course when I am involved nothing is ever as simple like that. Even eggs.

Me: Do you know if the ghetto mart sells eggs?
Adam: It does
Me: Are you sure? Or do you just think it does. Because I think it does but have never actually looked.
Adam: They definitely have eggs. If you don't believe me, go to Stop & Shop.
Me: But if you are sure they have eggs then why would I have to go to Stop & Shop?
Adam: In case they don't have them.
Me: So you are not sure that they have eggs.
Adam: I am sure, but if you don't think so then go to Stop & Shop
Me: WHY WOULD I GO TO STOP & SHOP IF YOU ARE SURE THE GHETTO MART HAS EGGS? It's like if we were driving to the lake and i asked you if you needed directions and you said "No but if you don't believe me then bring them along". Do you need directions or not!?
Adam. What lake?
Adam. I'm just saying that I am 100% sure that the ghetto mart has eggs.... But if they don't...
Me: Then you are NOT 100% sure, right?
Adam: You are annoying.

So in the end I went to Stop & Shop like I probably should have done all along because who wants eggs from a place referred to as "Ghetto Mart"?. But you can be sure that on the way there I called my mom to retell the coversation to her and confirm to me that it was Adam who was being annoying at not myself. Typically, she confirmed that it was I, in fact, who was the annoying one.

But I still say that if you are 100% sure about something you shouldn't modify it with an "if you don't believe me then...".

And being annoying is cool anyway


Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

Hey, you never said what lake. SOOO ANNOOYYING
I'll we be wondering all day.


Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

there's a "we" in there for no reason. Please disregard

fleecey said...

oh, man, Martin and i have arguments like this all the time. i am so a 'yes or no' person, but he always seems to throw in the 'but if you don't believe me....'

M said...

So do they have eggs?

AmyD said...

This is too perfect. So something I would find myself in the middle of. The whole lake comparison was priceless. Hehehe...

And yes, it WAS Adam who was being annoying. For sure. ;o)

Matt said...

how come im still not on ur friends list?

Sarah said...

i am working on it! blogger is being a beast!

honeykbee said...

if you had gone to ghetto-mart, they would not have had eggs. since you didn't go, they probably had eggs.

Marilyndrew said...

He must have meant if the ghetto place was OUT of eggs, since he is 100% sure they carry them.

Maybe you two can hire me as an interpurter, I am available at a small fee, and have never once tried to pick up anyone up in any type of doctor's office! :)