Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So, yesterday a guy tried to pick me up in probably the worst place ever

Not a bar.
Not at work.
Not at the gas station.

But at the gynecologist's office.

I was there yesterday in the afternoon for a checkup, and was sent down to the lab to get a blood test as I always do (not to TMI you, but one of my ovaries can be kind of persnickety so they like to monitor my hormones from time to time, see what is what). So I walk into the lab area and tell the woman "I was just sent down from gynecology to get a blood test" and gave them my name and whatnot.

Now, while this exchange is occuring between nurse and I, a young man is sitting in the first row of seats. When the nurse motioned for me to have a seat, I grabbed a tattered People magazine and headed for the back row. About 20 seconds later the young man gets up, grabs a magazine from the stack next to me and sits two seats away from me. Already I am like "WTF" because every other seat in the waiting area is available, and I mean after a gynecological exam I am not at my most social.

"Is that any good?" he asked me, poiting to my copy of People
"Uh, yeah" I replied, shifting away.
"You look real good" he went on, oblivious to my scowling face.
"Thanks" I replied as I burrowed deeper into my magazine
"You got a man?" He asked
"Yes, definitely" I said.
"And he don't come with you?"
"No, he's working. It's okay.". Why I continue this conversation I have no idea.
"I would never let my girl go to the doctor alone". He went on, obviously hoping this tidbit of info would win me over.

Never mind the fact that when I walked in I basically announced to the room that I had just been to the gynecologist and that she had sent me for a blood test which, if I were a young man in search of female company, would probably give me reason to pause.

Luckily at that moment the nurse who had taken my info came out from behind the desk and saved me with a "Miss Stewart, we're ready for you" followed by a "You better mind your Ps and Qs" to the young man and when he laughed it made me think she knew him. Either he has some kind of chrocnic health problem..or maybe he is a gynecologist office troller?

I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.


Lindsay said...

MAN, he sounds classy! I'm going to e-mail you my phone number so you can hand it out... I am single and looking, you know.

And what I wouldn't GIVE for a man that would go to the gynecologist with me! Especially if he has poor grammar! That is hot!

You are simply blinded because you are in a relationship. That feller right there? Prince Charming.

Sarah said...

what's funny is that adam offered to come with me and i was like "hell no!". little did i know what a meat market the gyno's office is.

ew. never say "meat" and "gyno" in the same sentence again.

Matt said...

wow. that is super crazy......eww

and i didnt link anyone in my travel blog....but ill link you

Sarah said...

you better! :-)

clipper829 said...

Ew. I hate the gyno's office. My husband came to like three of my 8 million prenatal visits. He kept offering to come, but I was like "no!"
So he came to the first two, and then was like, "I'm all set."

Sarah said...

lol poor mr. pink. adam should be glad i don't accept his offer. i just first one was at planned parenthood (where i went since i was like 20)but i got tired of the "clinic" feel. so i switched to this new fancy office and, ironically, it is apparently THE ob/gyn office for teenage moms and prostitute-looking folk. If my actual doctor wasnt so awesome I might have considered switching back.

carrotpenis said...

Perhaps he has some sort of VD fetish or likes a girl after she gets a good pap smear. Either way you look at it screams FREAK SHOW!

Nicky said...

EW! Completely freaky...

Jackie said...

I had to let you know that I work in a "cubicle heavan" with walls low enough that when you stand up you can see everyone and have little chats. Well, I was laughing pretty hard when I read this post, which caused the ladies around me to pop up and say "what's so funny". I read your post aloud in the office. You want to see half a dozen women in hysterics? Oh yeah, good times. :)

Sarah said...

jackie that is awesome! i should blog about the gyno more often