Monday, June 12, 2006

So, my friend Jenn is married.

It was a beautiful wedding and a fantastic weekend all around. It was a three day weekend for the bride and her maids since we all took Friday off to get set up at the bride's house in Natick, and to go to the spa and get our nails done and to just hang out and get last minute wedding things done. (I am not lying about "last minute". We went out for a long lunch all afternoon and then realized at 8PM that the place cards were still not done. Oops!)

The rehearsal and the dinner afterwards went fabulously (as things often do when an open bar is involved). The cutest part of the night though had little to do with the bride and groom. Earlier in the day Diana, Jeanne and I were talking about how our men had no idea what to wear to a rehearsal and we were all half nervous that they would show up in t shirts and jeans but then they all showed up together at the end of the rehearsal in nice slacks, nice shirts (tucked in!) and ties. Ties! More dressed up than the groom/grooms men and seeming very pelased with themselves! It was freaking adorable.

Anyway, I was much more nervous that I thought I would be and while trying to reason with myself that if the BRIDE was not that nervous (which she was not) I have no right to be, it became clear to me that I wasn't really nervous... I was really, terribly excited. Jenn has been one of my best friends for a looooong time and I love Mike, her fiancee, and to be able to be a part of their wedding was just, well, awesome.

I became kind of a sap this weekend I guess.

But I got to tap into that sappiness because Jenn asked me to make the toast at her reception in lieu of the Matron of Honor (her sister). I was incredibly nervous about that part, but luckily as fate would happen there was an abundance of champagne at the picture-taking festivities immediately before the reception so I partook of that and in the end the toast went very well. A little sappy, a little mention of the bride's past indescretions aaaaaand scene!

The rest of the reception was a blast, I don't remember the last time I danced so much at a wedding, or the last time I was "psyched" to do the Macarena but there you have it. I also managed to always be saying "fuck" when the videographer was nearby so hopefully he has some great editing software.

After the reception a bunch of us headed over to the Hampton Inn in Natick to partake of the Keno and more alcohol and much needed carbo-loading. I was very proud of myself in that even though the wedding ended at 5..i made it until almost 8PM before calling it a night. Considering I had been up since about 4:30AM, and had started off the day with a tequila shot at 9:30AM... I think that is exceptionally well!

I was a terrible picture-taker since I was caught up with other things but what few I have are here for your perusing pleasure.


AliRose said...

Those bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous, and your spray-on tan looks incredible!

Sarah said...

aw thanks! i am a little addicted. and as for the dresses that was all the bride's doing! she has good taste!

e$ said...

ach - those pictures made me feel SO excited for my own wedding... just what the doctor ordered to start off my work week! You all looked **beautiful**!!

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

Love the pics, Bun Head! ;-)

The Running Pretence said...

Your tan looked fab especially with the dress color.