Monday, June 12, 2006

How I know this is a good day:

When I was getting back into my car after a little spending spree at CVS (which included new grapefruit body spray, after thinking all weekend that i wish i could find some grapefruit scented stuff), I caught the tail end of "Brandy" (by Looking Glass) on Star 93.7. I was sad because I love that song (it is my Myspace profile song, if we are gonne be nerdy about it. And we are always going to be nerdy). I thought to myself "maybe it will be on Oldies 103.3 now?" which is absurd because if it was JUST on one station then why would it be on another immediately afterwards?

Well, I turned on Oldies and within 5 seconds what song starts up?

Oh yeah!!!!!

I don't know why suddenly I am in love with this song. I have always liked it. And then one day I was stuck on 128 (as usual) and it came on and I really paid attention to it for some reason and was like "Good Lord I LOVE THIS EFFING SONG".

And so it goes.

(This is Looking Glass, fyi. The love continues)


clipper829 said...

You can find grapefruit scented lotion and shower gel at Bath & Body, the brand is C.O. Bigelow. I would only recommend the shower gel, though, I hated the lotion, but then again I am a picky bitch. Origins also makes a grapefruit shower gel and lotion that is fabulous but kind of expensive, I think.

Grapefruit is the jam. I have grapefruit dish detergent and hand lotion on my kitchen sink right now, too.

Sarah said...

i will def. check out B&B, thanks girl! i never knew how much i loved grapefruit until i bought this conditioner last week that randomly smells like it (I say randomly because it does not say "grapefruit scented" anywhere on the bottle). I used it once and was in looove!

Stacey said...

I haven't commented on your blog before, but I enjoy reading it! I found it through Kate of "a cat & twenty". I have the same reaction as you do to "Brandy". For me, I think it's because I always loved stories about ships & sailing. "The sea" was this place you could run away to if life was getting you down (a la "Moby Dick"). Maybe the song touches on those thoughts. Plus, who doesn't love a love story, however sad?

Nicky said...

I'm sorry, Sarah, but that tune has forever been ruined for me. I can't bear to listen to it. In college, I was in a terrible relationship with a Navy Boy (read: sailor) for 4 yrs. I was head over heels whilst he mistook me as piece in his bedroom set. (You know: sleigh bed, 2 Night Tables, Armoire, Dresser, and Nicky) My adorable roommate-at-the-time used to play/sing/ and dance for me to that song constantly. (We often found the humor when we got ourselves into stupid situations). It mostly reminds me of her, but I can't forget why she was singing it in the first place. Ugh.

Jill said...

I ALSO bought the grapefruit body spray at cvs and I am in love! Sweet, sweet love! Also that Brandy song always reminds me of the summer when you and I used to listen to the charlie's angels soundtrack and drink our own weight in vodka. As Edith Bunker would say, those were the days!