Thursday, June 08, 2006

It is said that the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem.

So I believe it is time for me to admit something, and to stop living in denial about what is becoming a very obvious problem to not only my friends and family, but in fact anyone who comes in contact with me even for very brief moments in time.

You see, I am in hair crisis.

This 3 month stint of rain and drizzle mixed with humidity and fog has rendered me a female carrot top and I am begging, beseeching and PLEADING for some help.

I am tired of wearing my hair back/up whenever I go out. I have fabulous highlights and a fabulous cut and these should get to be on display, not hidden in an elastic and gobs of product.

So I am turning to my curly/mental haired peeps out in internetland for advice. Up until now I have been basically using the entire haircare line form Matrix from shampoo and conditioner to mousse, hairspray and pomade. For a few months there it was working great and every day was a good hair day but these are times of war. My hair is at war with the elements and it is LOSING pitifully.

I even brought in the big guns and bought some Bed Head "Self Absorbed" conditioner on the reccomendation of my hairdresser and even that is a futile weapon in the battle. My hair just absorbs it all like the 95 cent VO5 conditioner I was so fond of as a child and then gathers all it's strength to frizz and fro out EVEN more so as say "In your face!"(literally).

So, if you feel my pain, tell me what you use as YOUR weapon.


MarisaJosephine said...

i spray DOVE detangle/defrizz into my hair before combing it and then i use PANTENE CURL MOUSSE

works like a charm
I find if you comb your hair and not brush it when its wet your
curls will not go crazy
(think...a brush seperates and each curl fuses together to make CRAZY wackjob hairdo....comb smooths it down)

I have curly hair... girl
trust me
I have tried everything
but i find this works BEST


Sarah said...

i dont comb OR brush my hair unless i plan on straightening it out. i will finger comb in the shower when the conditioner is in it but that is it. otherwise it is even WORSE than it is lately.. thanks for the tips though i will def. check it out!!:-)

ka-rista said...

It's very old school but have you tried sebastian potion no 9?

kim said...

uh, i was gonna suggest sebastian as well. a friend of mine is a hairdresser/colorist and workes for wella/procter&gamble and such and swears it's THE BEST. it's a little pricey but the stuff works, baby. try the shaper-stuff...

Sarah said...

thanks for the tips, ladies!

Island Time said...

The best thing that I've found over the years is the Hemp Seed Texturizing Glaze by Alterna. It's reasonably priced (about $15-$20 for a decent size tube) and leaves your hair really soft. The only word of advice is not to use too much (dime size is plenty...)otherwise it dries into dandruffy like flakes. Hope it helps! =)

Frankie said...

Potion No 9 + Gel + no brushing + air drying = fabulous curls.

Seriously. I just learned how to do my hair curly about 5 months ago, and it even looks good in major humidity.

I am finally freed from the flat iron!

Nicky said...


You know what has been leaving me with fabulously un-frizzy curls on rain days? CURLFRIENDS products.
They are a bit pricey, but so totally worth it. Especially their leave-in conditioner. It's actually called "humidity blocker", and damn - they do not lie! I am not normally a big fan of leave-in conditioner. However, this stuff works. (And woman, you've seen my hair!) It comes in a little jar and is thick - and scoops out almost like a wax or something (though it's not waxy at all - more like stale marshmallow fluff) and you only need a teeny bit for your whole head. It has been doing wonders. Especially in this weather.

Sarah said...

the majority seems to think sebastian is the answer to my problems so i will def. be checking i out. hell, i am so desperate i will probably check everything out. thanks so much, guys!

AmyD said...

I feel your pain, woman! Aside from using humidity-fighting serum followed by curl-enhancing mousse (and only using a pick, not a brush or comb!), the only thing that works to help define my curls and not make them too frizzy is a hairdryer set on low used with a large diffuser. I don't twist the diffuser, or move it around too much, I just push it upwards into my head and let my hair do the work, moving it to different sections all around the head. So far, even when it rains and pours outside, my curls still just turn curlier and not too frizzy. I do always have a hair tie around my wrist (NOT a SCRUNCHY!) and a spare clip in my purse for emergencies, though. Because you just never know, right?

Good luck! No matter what, I'm sure you will look amazing at the wedding this weekend. :o)

rooroo said...

i know you already got a lot of tips, but i have A LOT of curly hair so i thought i would throw in my two cents: i use Dove advanced care therapy shampoo and conditioner, i comb it out in the shower and don't comb it again. then i use tresemme smooth de-frizzing moisture gel (a lot of it) and then top it off with fructis sleek and shine leave in conditioning cream (mostly to wiegh it down). i hate putting that much goop in my hair but like you said, it's a battle.

Jolene said...

I use the Alterna Hemp Texturizing Glaze as well! I thoroughly enjoy it. :-) I also use Frizz-Ease "Moisture Block" hairspray on days I need to straighten my hair and it's humid out. It's done well so far, but makes my hair a bit too stiff for my liking. I haven't tried it on a curly day, yet. I may have to check out the Potion #9!