Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I consider myself to be a pretty self-aware person. At most every times I know what I am doing, how I look, how I am acting. Whether or not I actually care about those things is another story but at the very least I am AWARE of the state I am in.


So last night after my mom's birthday dinner, Adam and I hit up Target. I found some really cute skirts and Adam loaded up on three fans. We heard the "Store Closing in 15 Minute" announcement and headed over to the registers to wait in line. I paid for my items first and I paid cash because I had a good amount on me. Adam, who lives in Debit Card City, went to pay for his items and was told we were in a cash only line. I was a little surprised since there had been no sign or indication of this. The cashier noted that the sign must have fallen down but still could not help us out and since Adam had no cash on him she printed out a "Suspended Transaction" reciept for us and told us that her friend at the next register could just scan the receipt and run the card through his machine.


She made it seem like he could do it right then and there but he then informed us that he wanted us to wait in the 10 person line to do so and I didn't think that it was fair since 1) we had just waited in a decent sized line and 2) why are we being punished for not seeing a sign that wasn't even there to begin with? Of course I was fuming as I am wont to do in frustrating retail situations.

So we got in the long line to pay for the fans and I am all "Let's just go, this is ridiculous." and "Let's leave the fans here and leave, this is so stupid" because I was po'd and didn't want to have to wait in line AGAIN when what happened (I felt) was not our fault. Adam of course doesn't care and is happy to wait which of course is maddening but what can I do? He drove.

And the woman ahead of us was not having my pouting, let me tell you. She kind of glared at me like "I wish you WOULD leave" and then placed her roughly 20 containers of Vagisil feminine odor-blocking powder on the conveyer belt which I have to say kind of shut me up just because of the implications of WHY someone would need that much Vagisil freaked me out a little.

So finally when we are two people away from the cashier he holds up our Suspended Transaction reciept and was like "Whose is this!?" and I scream "OURS!" and gleefully bound past the two people waiting in front of us and truth be told they have no right to be mad because they SAW us waiting in the other line and should have known our pain. Or at least heard me bitching about it. But instead the lady who was in front of us started yelling at her friend "UGH We should just leave, this is so ridiculous!" and then they actually DID leave, and by leave I mean left the 20 bottles of Vagisil on the belt and stalked out, basically shoving Adam out of the way in the process.

"Jeez, what's her problem?", I said.

Adam looked at me and was like "Didn't you say that exact same thing not more than 3 minutes ago? And wouldn't you have huffed out of here too if I let you?"



But let me tell you this, I'll take a little self unawareness over needing 20 bottles of Vagisil ANYDAY.


Jaime said...

i really hope you are exaggerating the number of bottles because i cannot process needing that much. ew. just ew.

kim said...

*sigh* i miss target...

Sarah said...

i am not exagerating! there was so many bottles and then she tried to hide them by putting huge bags of candy on top. it was altogether a pretty horific scene.