Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yesterday marked the first sunny day in the Boston area (and probably all of New England, now that I think about it) in two weeks. We all emerged from the disgusting, wet gray weeks of early May to find that the idea of sunlight was somewhat shocking. Indeed, when I woke up yesterday morning and found that my living room was flooded with light, my first instinct was "Oh sh*t, I'm late!!!". But then I realized that sun at 7AM is actually the norm. And the norm is QUITE lovely.

Adam and I decided to celebrate our brief respite from the wretched rain by dining seaside at Marina Bay. Now, I eat out often enough that I no longer consider dinner at a restaurant to be all that extraordinary. But I think I will always think eating outside when it's really nice out (especially by the ocean) is special.

We decided to go to Captain Fishbones since I had been there before and LOVED it. (Of course when we got there I realized I had NOT been to Captain Fishbones but rather to Skyline which is a little further down the boardwalk with these two lovely ladies. We decided to check it out anyway).

The nice thing about this restaurant is their outdoor seating is really right on the water and it is gorgeous, especially at twilight.

The only thing marring the gorgeous setting is that you can smoke out there, and while I enjoy the odd cigarette with cocktails, I do not enjoy smelling other people's smoke while I am eating. Luckily there was enough open seating when we arrived that we could sit far away from the smokers.

We ordered drinks which came promptly:

I ordered the usual

And Adam ordered a Blue Moon

I don't think the service at this place was all that great: It took ten minutes alone just to get menus. I ordered the coconut shrimp for my meal which came with this divine pineapple-cream dipping sauce and was really delicious...but at $17.99 I was a little dissapointed that the meal only consisted of six medium sized shrimp. My meal also came without the rice I had ordered along side it and it took 10 minutes for them to bring that out. Adam ordered the fisherman's platter and was PSYCHED about it. It included fried sole, fried clams and fried scallops (which I normally don't like but these were so tender and juicy. Divine!). There was also a rogue calamari which was delicious as well. He later said it was the best fisherman's platter he ever had. And being that Captain Fishbones was right on the water, I am not surprised.

So the conclusion for Captain Fishbones is : fabulous ambience, stellar food, a little over priced and service = not that great. But I will say that the people seated inside seemed a little better attended to, and I would defitely sacrafice excellent service for the ambience of sitting right on the ocean although I dont think you should have to choose between the two. I will definitely go back at least for cocktails after work sometime though.

So, chock full of seafood and wine and beer, we watched the sunset and then headed home.

But of course not before snapping one last picture.



Jenny said...

cute pics!

also: my mom and I went to CF and we had terrible service too!! And lest we forget the wine situation with your dad!

but that location IS prime!

Sarah said...

i know, i feel like i can forgive bad service if at least i have a pretty view to look at! (and lots of wine) ;-)

we should go there for apres work cocktails when it is warmer out!

clipper829 said...

You guys are adorable. AND! My husband and I are going out on a DATE tonight WITHOUT the baby! I feel like shouting it from the rooftops.

Sunny weather = dinner dates for everyone!

e$ said...

now THERE's a good review! I need to learn to do it like you :)

Sarah said...

haha thanks but i think i suck at it. i am incapable of writing any review that does not have the words "awesome" or "psyched" in it. :-)

The Running Pretence said...

You guys look so cute!! Marina Bay is one of the places I am truly going to miss when I leave QCY. It looks like you picked the perfect night.