Friday, May 19, 2006

Things I am Am Done With:

* Not the be redundant, but The Rain.

The 7 second walk from my car to the office left me drenched and freezing. Thanks MAY. Oh and my company issued waterproof windbreaker is decidedly less than waterproof. SO glad that underneath I have on a white t shirt and red bra.

*Word Verification.

Are you serious, Blogger? The word you type for verification purposes is NEVER an actual word, and half the time it is so jumbled it makes leaving a comment too annoying to follow through with. And yet without it I would have 1289 comments a day beseeching me to ReFinance With Ease!!

*Flip-Flops in the Office.

No one wants to hear you flip-flopping around the office all day. It is annoying, and the fact that it is raining out and your feet are in all liklihood wet just adds a maddening "squelch" factor to the mix.

At least it's Friday, though! Plans tonight include drinks at the Ashmont Grille with Jenny, followed by the fabulous Bad Jamie show at The Paradise. If you are looking for something to do tonight I suggest checking these boys out. Jenny and I went to high school with them and they are super talented and a lot of fun. Not to mention CUTE.


kim said...

oh yeah the rain = i agree. although we haven't had it for quite as long as you guys but still. also, i don't have a car and riding my bike in the rain sucks big time [and messes up my hair]

i 100% agree with #2. WTF? have you thought about a domain and wordpress? i have NO problems with spam-comments because they have pretty neat systems to kick those comments' butts.

#3 that would be me. the girl with the flip-flops in the office :) well, not in the rain of course, but when it's hot my feel like to be free...

AmyD said...

UGH, the flip-flops at work thing drives me NUTS! We used to have a girl here at work who (is thankfully now gone) used to wear flip-flops every freaking day in the summer, and she walked super loud - you could always hear her coming from a mile away. The kicker? She had an equally annoying sign on her office door that said "Please keep the noise to a minimum" or something bullshit like that. It took everything in me not to make my own sign that said, "Please stop walking around like a moose with your dirty damn flip-flops."

Oh, and who wears flip flops with business professional attire, ANYWAY? Sheesh... ;o)

Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

ugh i swear the noise of flip flops(especially on a foot dragger) drives me over the edge!

Beth said...

I totally agree on the rain front. I can't believe how crappy the weather is for May. I'm wanting sunshine, not drizzle!

I also agree on the flip flops. Flip flops are not office attire. They are beach attire. The scariest part is that they are often worn by people who's feet have no place being on display in public. *shudder*

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