Monday, May 22, 2006

The advent of summer brings with it the advent of something else:

The advent of me attempting to become a beer drinker.

There is just something about nice weather that makes me want to drink an iced cold beer. I mean I love wine and I always will, but sometimes it just does not hit the spot.

And I am sure I will find, as I always do, that I really am not a beer drinker. I mean one or two glasses with dinner is fine, but any more than that and I feel pretty gross.

I am working on it though.

So to celebrate the advent of Sarah Tries To Like Beer season, Adam and I hit up
The Union Brew House in Weymouth, MA this past Sunday.

We had first heard about this place while at the New England Beer Festival last year. It was then that I discovered my penchant for "fruity beers" and the staff were really helpful in naming places in the South Shore that serve a wide range of brews, for picky drinkers like myself.

And they were not kidding about a "wide range". This is just a snippet of the 99 beers they have available by the bottle. Never mind the 15 available on tap

Please note the Red Sox curtains. If Adam had his way our entire apartment would sport these window treatments.

And let's say you don't want feel like a beer (although Lord knows why you would go to a Brew House if you didn't want a Beer). But in any case, in addition to their menu (the food is standard pub fare: distinctly American and greasy and delicious), they have a decent selection of wine as well as a full liquor bar for the non-beer-drinker in us all

Please note the bottle of Patron in the lower right corner. It is only $6 a shot here, unlike some other places who feel the need to charge twice that. And while they won't give you a free shot just because you say "But last time I ordered a shot of this I paid twice that so I feel like I should have a second one coming to me", the nice bartender will let you play with the empty bottle for photographic effect.

So Adam and I, after much deliberation, decided on a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat with a lime for me, and a Harpoon UFO for himself. The Cherry Wheat is definitely in my top three favorite fruity beers. It is quite sweet, so if you are looking for just a hint of fruit you might want to check out the Concord Grape Ale (which I had as second course, and was nice and crisp, but sort of bitter after the Cherry).

What really won me over though, was not the extensive beer selection, nor the super friendly, knowledgable bartenders, nor the kitchy, fun beer & sports decor, but rather their opinion of a certain subsect of society.

So if you are in the South Shore area and want to expand your mind in regards to beer, head on over to The Union Brew House. And if you do head over there, just remember their policy on beverage choice:


Chica said...

I go through this same phase of trying-to-like-Beer. Have you tried any of the Honey beers? They can be nice on a hot summers day. I'm currently trying to like cider though - the Irish Magners stuff advertised in one of your pics :) x

Marilyndrew said...

The silver Volkswagon Beetle is my favate part of those pictures.

I bought a blue one last year and LOVE IT.

Sarah said...

what's funny is the biggest, scariest man was driving it.
my mom bought a bright orange one last year and while at first i thought she was nuts, it is really an adorablemobile. :-)

kim said...

hey, the second beer from the left in the top shelf is "beck's" and comes from my hometown bremen in germany = yummi. we actually have a "beck's lemon" here that just came out last summer which is a great "women's beer". also, what we do in the summer and i LOVE is to mix a pilsener [like beck's...] with sprite. about 1/3 sprite and 2/3 beer. it's called "alster" and awesome because it's refreshing but not as bitter as pilsener alone. my american favorite beer is the leinenkugel's honey one.

Sarah said...

kim, that sprite/pilsner sounds delish! i am going to try it out!

Jolene said...

I have recently become quite a beer fan, myself. I was won over to the beer side by Cherry Wheat on tap, actually. :-) Since then, I have also developed a huge addiction to hard cider. If you like hard ciders, I suggest trying Strongbow or Woodchuck. Woodchuck is a bit too sweet for me - I think Strongbow is just right. I suggest hard ciders for the summer-time because they "hit the spot" just like a beer without the bitterness and such. :-)

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

My cousin used to bartend there when it was called the "Weymouth Brew House"

Nicky said...

Sounds like PJ's idea of heaven...(o:

alisa said...

Sea Dog makes a blue dog blueberry beer. So yummy I had it for dinner Sat night. I need to find that Concord Grape you speak of.

kristen said...

I love that you and Adam, like, go on road trips around New England in search of special beer.

Also, that sprite/Pilsner thing - this really sad old lady used to come into Charlie's the SECOND we opened (or started serving beer, if it was a Sunday) and order beer and Sprite and pay for it with change (you were lucky if she threw down an extra nickel+dime for a tip). We called her Old Sweetie and kind of hated on her due to the no tip thing, but it was a big deal when some other bartender found out that was a real drink. I'm glad I finally know the name of it.