Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What's worse than cheating?

How about cheating with the knowledge that you will probably cheat again in the forseeable future?

I never thought I would be that kind of girl. I am usually quite loyal and the last thing I want to do is hurt the feelings of someone who has been so great to me. Someone who was always there when I needed them. Someone who always took care of me when I needed them most.

I am of course talking about my hairdresser.

You see, for the past three years I have been going to Marcy at the Dellaria at the South Shore Plaza. She came into my life at a time when my hair was mushroom shaped and fried & dyed. And she helped me realize that we all make mistakes, and nothing is unfixable. She also taught me about blow-outs that do not flip out at the bottom and for that she will always remain near to my heart. As curly headed gal she understands the trials and tribulations of my hair, and always listened to what I wanted done but was never afraid to say "You know, I really don't think platinum blond would suit you".

Succinctly, I love her. And I never thought anyone would be as good to me as her.

Enter Linda:

I called yesterday because I had an unexpected free 3 hours in my schedule and wanted to go in for highlights. Unfortunately, when I called they told me Marcy was not working and did I want to work with anyone else?

I said "No, I don't think anyone can handle my hair like Marcy can"

"Can I make a suggestion?" the receptionist asked me.

I told her sure and she informed me that they had a new girl, Linda who was FABULOUS with curly hair (At Dellaria they know that I have an intense fear of letting anyone with naturally straight hair do my hair because THEY DON'T KNOW). She was absolutely sure that I would be impressed with the results. And truth be told she caught me in a vulnerable moment (it has been raining for 2 weeks and my hair definitely refleted that, if you know what i mean). So I agreed and as I hung up the phone I felt a pang of guilt.

But the promise of a perfect color job can wipe out even the strongest of hairdresser/client bonds.

So I arrived at the salon at 6 sharp and when I met Linda I immediately approved because she had super curly hair. In fact she looks a lot like Adriana from The Sopranos (whom I loved). So after clarifying what I am looking for, we get down to business and I was immediately a little put off when she said "Here, brush your hair while I mix up the stuff".

Um, brush my own hair? wtf? Maybe my hair WAS a nest but the reason I go to get it done is so I don't have to do anything to it. But what can you do? So I brushed away until she came over and began applying the highlighting paste. Things went smooth for a while until she put me under a dryer and left me there for 45 minutes without checking on me ONCE. Luckily the dryer was set on a somewhat cool setting or i'm sure my hair would have burned right off. And then when she was rinsing me out she had to let the toner set for what seemed like an inordinately long long that water ran out of the sink and all down my back (not too pleasant). So by the time she unwrapped the towel from my head in front of the mirror I was a little nonplussed.

But then I saw her work.

In a word? GORGEOUS. I am not trying to toot my own horn but toot toot tooty toot. She did exactly what I wanted as far as color and placementand size of highlights. I had definitely asked MArcy before for caramel colored highlights and she always gave me the same blonde color but since I liked that color too it never bothered me. But I am definitely a caramel girl through and through now.

And even though she is not as nice or personable as Marcy...i can't help loving her and I will definitely be going back next for touch ups when the need arises. What can I say? I am a bit of a masochist I guess.

Maybe it is true what they say: Nice stylists finish last.


MarisaJosephine said...


Sarah said...

why thank you :-)

AmyD said...

What's that you say about blow-outs that do not flip out at the bottom??? I MUST KNOW EVERYTHING!!! Good God, I'm going on one months worth of bad hair days with this humidity. Help a girl out.

And your highlights DO look fabulous. Makes me wish I lived in Boston. OK, well maybe I already wish I did live in Boston, but that's not the point.

Congrats on finding a not-so-nice-but-oh-so-good stylist!

ugagirl16 said...

LOVE your new hair!!!! I say, Cheat away!!!!

ka-rista said...

wow! Love love love the highlights, I miss mine so....

Lindsay said...

stunning. I would have guessed you were a caramel girl all along, based on your personality. you seem very warm, like caramel.

you know, my girl who I freaking love, Candee, was very quiet at first. now, the girl gives me sex advice.

love it. hair stylist/therapist. I'll never go to anyone else.


kim said...

it looks great. but i understand how you must have been sweating with fear in between. i cheated ONCE with the highlights and we all remember what came from that... also, funny: i went and got highlights as well yesterday. it was more like around 6:30 pm german time, but still... :)