Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Things I Discovered on My Day Off:

*Berry Blast Iced Coffee from Dunks is so delicious and makes even the worst of allergies seem a little easier to take.

*CMT (as in Country Music Television) is really entertaining. Specifically The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search.

*It is impossible to feel motivated to do anything without first taking a shower: Not showering in the morning = laying on the couch in a cloud of self-pity until 4PM. Showering = feeling well enough to go out to dinner! Note to self: make decision to call in sick AFTER taking a shower. Not before.

*I can't go more than 2 hours without checking my email. It is crippling.


J-Mo said...

Everything country is really entertaining

MarisaJosephine said...

i love country
and cmt
my husband thinks i am nuts
but thats ok

coyote ugly search is the best
i went to san antonio
and it was going on
that show was taped....

that is a truly entertaining
reality show

berry blast ice coffee is a dream!

Anonymous said...

Love the Ultimate Coyote Search! Almost as entertaining as the CMT Coyote show that played last year for the opening of the Coyote Ugly in San Antonio. That was has a leg up because it featured Lil's partner (the old dancer chick with the crazy curly hair)... she was a riot.

Sarah said...

Is she the one who does the Dance Boot Camps now? she is INTENSE. I love Lil. She is so blunt.