Monday, May 15, 2006

I think I am allergic to all this rain.

Seriously, I have been fighting this weird sinus/stomach thing for the past week (yeah I know, weird combo) and then last night I succumed to malaise. I lay awake in bed until 5AM, feeling crappy and SO HOT no matter how close I put the bedside fan to my face. I finally fell asleep a little after five and then was none to pleased when my alarm came on at 6:15.

As such, I am not at work today. I am home pouting and watching Lifetime and laying on the couch and being all around a feeble old lady.

And I can't help but feel that if it were nice out, I would feel marginally better. But unfortunately this weather is condusive to wallowing, feeling gross, and people making jokes about building Arks.

UPDATE: I was not kidding about the Arks. I just spoke with Adam who informed me his parents had to evacuate from their home in Allenstown NH last night, and when they returned this morning they were stopped by State Police who informed them their entire street and surrounding streets were flooded and no one is allowed in. Adams dad has some friends in the Fire Department who luckily got them a in a rescue boat so they could go grab their two cats from the house before things get worse. Thankfully everyone is now safe and dry.

Thank god the only pets I have are fish.


Nicky said...

Are you guys flooding like we're flooding? Half the people I know are treading water in their own homes. And most of my friends are home from work today. Including myself since the school district is closed. My sister's office has over 4 feet of standing water in it. Her client records are all lost. This blows.
Check out my new MySpace profile song. Haha!
Feel better.

Caity said...

That's too funny. I actually blogged about the rain and mentioned the plethora of ark jokes! Just to switch it up a bit, I'm trying Go Go Gadget Canoe! :)

kate.d. said...

oh my gosh, i'm glad they were able to get the cats! my parents house has stayed dry, but my friend's basement apartment didn't fare as well.

and of course, this was the weekend i fly home for a visit! damn you, new england!