Tuesday, May 02, 2006

When it is nice and sunny out, I have to park in Guam when I arrive at work.

When it is rainy and disgusting, the parking lot is a barren wasteland and I can park in a more convenient spot 3 feet away from the front door.


I think not. I bet if you took a survey of workplace attendance there would be at least 20% more abcense on crappy days than on nice ones. At least that's how it is around these parts.

And yet if you had to experience a crappy, rainy, nasty day: wouldn't you at least rather do it at work and save the skip-day for when it's gorgeous out?

Plus, there is nothing New Englanders love more than to bitch about the weather. We revel in drizzly cloudiness and freezing rain in April. It gives someone, somewhere cause to say "Don't like the weather in New England?...Wait a minute!". (hi-yo!)

We live for this shit.


Anonymous said...

I spent a good 10 minutes in bed this morning debating on whether or not I should even get up. It's so hard to leave the covers on days like this! And now I'm sitting here at my desk, soaked from the knee down, hair afro-frizzed, wishing I was back there. But you're right.. it would have been a waste!

Anonymous said...

That was SarahC up there.

Sarah said...

truth be told i had a rough start this morning myself....but it is so dead here when it rains that i am more motivated to work than when it is super busy.

matt said...

ryc: thats funny

and yes we love to complain about the weather....its never right