Wednesday, May 10, 2006

When Adam and I first started dating, there was something I wanted to do for him but I felt like we hadn't been together long enough for it to be considered "proper" (not that at that time in my life i was all too concerned with "proper", some day I will tell you about Hot Pants night in Providence). But still, I felt like we had to be together a while before I would be truly comfortable doing what it is I wanted to do. So after about two months, I let him know that I was ready.

And I made him a mix CD.

Because you see, a mix CD is a very personal thing.

At that time in my life, before I completely fucked up my laptop so that it no longer burned CDs, and back in a time when you could download whatever, whenever from Kazaa, i was heavy into Mix CDs. I gave them as birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, made them especially for certain parties, special occasions and so on. I titled them things like "Songs to Listen to Before Going to a Gay Club" (heavy on the Cher and Celine dance mixes).

And I really wanted to make Adam a special mix, something with some love songs, to show him just what kind of girl I am.

And I found this mix this morning and listened to it on the way to work. Let us see what my idea of a Love Song /Appropriate Songs for a Boyfriend of Two Months mix was in 2003

1) Don't Mess with My Man - Talib Kweli ft. Lucy Pearl
2) Let's Stay Together - Al Green
3) All About You - Tupac Shakur
4) Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Stevie Wonder
6) Gotta Get You Home - Foxy Brown
7) Addicted to Love - Robert Palmer
8) Take Me As I Am - Wyclef ft Sharissa
9) Where the Party At?- Jagged Edge ft Nelly
10) Freedom - George Michael
11) Every Little Thing I Do (You're On My Mind) - Soul for Real
12) Seven - Prince
13) All Night Long (We Can Dance) - Faith Evans
14) Head over Heels - Tears for Fears
15) Get It OnTonight - Montell Jordan <-- super romantic, eh?
16)Don't Leave Me, Girl - Blackstreet

Hmmmmm. I think there is a reason that Time Life didn't look to me for advice on compiling their Ultimate Long Songs CDs. But I can't be the only one who thought that the fact that Montell's "Get It On Tonight" was missing from that collection was a travesty. Can I?

In the end though, it is a fantasic "Getting Ready to Go Out" mix, and I do love going out. So maybe in that way it is a Love Songs mix.


ka-rista said...
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ka-rista said...

Get Erin to send you one of our mixes. We had an unhealthy obsession with Latino freestyle:

Dreamboy/Dreamgirl - Jhonny O
Fantasy Girl - Jhonny O
Tears May Fall - Jhonny O
Maria - TKA
Show me - cover Girls
Diamond Girl - Nice N Wild

Great for the summer!

Lys said...

Holy CRAP! Someone else that has Freestyle mixes :) Must be a Mass/NY thing!!

Good Mix CD Sarah! Esp. the Montell Jordan song.. classic. and the track, Don't Mess With My Man - divine!

Sarah said...

hell yeah!! i love me some lucy pearl!

Andy said...

I'm in love with this mix. Your themes song is on there. I bet you were psyched!

Lisa said...

prince's seven is one of my most favorite songs, ever! kudos for including it.

Supafab said...

I love it. I did the same thing for my boyfriend on Valentine's Day... I'm going to have to check what I put on his CD, I don't think i included one romantic song.

clipper829 said...

I see that I've been outed. I do make some pretty fly mix tapes, though.

kim said...

ahhh, back in the days when kazaa was still (not all that il-) legal. i used to make a lot of mixed CD's as well - and exchange them with a good friend of mine. i'd call mine "27/7" and he'd give me one back a couple days later named "24/7 revange" *sigh* good times...

i just checked my computer and i made this for C for valentine's 2004 (which is also his birthday):

(1.) jump around - limp bizkit, incubus & korn, (2.) stupid girl - cold, (3.) breathe - greenwheel, (4.) hate to say i told you so - the hives, (5.) alive - P.O.D., (6.) sleeping awake - P.O.D., (7.) gasoline - seether, (8.) sad exchange - finger eleven, (9.) going under - evanescence, (10.) another hole in the head - nickelback, (11.) learn to crawl - black lab, (12.) it‘s what we‘re all about - sum 41, (13.) redlight, greenlight - limp bizkit feat. snoop dog, (14.) make up your mind - theory of a deadman, (15.) fine again - seether, (16.) broken - seether, (17.) the last song - theory of a deadman, (18.) outside - staind, (19.) behind blue eyes - limp bizkit

no wonder he's not "romantic enough" - what was i thinking?? :)

kristen said...

I love that 'Addicted to Love' is the equivalent of that "bamp-chicka-bowow!" porn thing in your world. and has been since we were 17. "one-track miiiiiiind!"

Sarah said...

haha i know! it is less a love song and more an anthem of a girl trying to hook up at summer camp. how romantic! about as much so as the phrase "environment conducive to booty"