Thursday, May 11, 2006

There are certain universal truths in life. What goes up must come down. The only things that are inevtiable are death and taxes. If something is awesome, it is probably expensive.

I became acquainted with the latter truth last night.

Adam and I went out to dinner at Fuji last night to celebrate his school semester being over. I don't know about you but the way I celebrate good things is with a shot. Specifically a tequila shot. Having already been lulled into an unsuspecting mood by a dirty gin martini or two, I spied a lit up platform along the liquor shelf with three Patron bottles on it. It was pretty, and so I must have it. I had heard of Patron before but truth be told my tequila experience is limited to Cuervo Gold, and an unfortunate incident with some Mezcal that left me smelling like a dirty tire in the morning. But that is neither here nor there. My point is I don't know what Patron is, I just liked the display so I ordered two shots.

We clinked pretty cobalt shot glasses and shot our pretty tequila and were both like "Good LORD that is good!" No burning, no awful aftertaste, all in all a pleasant experience!!"We need to start drinking more tequila", Adam said and I agreed. We even agreed to hit up Old Colony Liquors on the way home and snag a bottle for the apartment.

So the night wore on and there was avocado salad and salmon skin rolls to partake of and we ate and chatted and drank and it was all a reasonable, good time.

Then the check came. Now, I should preface this by saying that I go to Fuji all the time, as you are probably well aware, and I have never spent more than $75 even when I am paying for two. So the fact that the bill came to well over $100 was a little shocking to me.

"WTF!" I said to Adam. "I think there was a mistake here"

Adam perused briefly and then stabbed his finger about halfway down the lengthy bill. "There!".

Two shots of Patron = $27.00!!!

No wonder it was so good! One shot cost more than even the BEST martini at Om and they even spray those things with perfume! It better be the best tequila on earth and it better come served in a golden shot glass with diamond dust sprinkled on the rim.

But you know, I try to be of the mindset that if I enjoyed it, it was worth it and as I mentioned before, I certainly enjoyed it!!

But perhaps we won't be buying a bottle of Patron just yet. With the money we probably would have spent on that, we instead went to the mall and bought our summer scents (Ralph Lauren "Hot" for me and Nautica "Voyage" for him). But I am sure the Patron would have made a lovely summer scent as well.

Maybe with some lime rubbed on my wrist to set it off.*

* (yes i need training wheels, and i had never heard that term applied to lime and salt before in my life but then i heard it twice last night and isn't that how it always is? you hear a phrase /word you never heard before and then once you hear it that first time, you hear it everywhere)


Lindsay said...

Holy hell, for a shot? That is AWESOME tequila!

Being so high quality, I imagine I would only dab some on my wrists, and a little in my cleavage. It's like Chanel No.5!

If I ever get rich and famous, I will drink Chanel No. 5.

Just to say I did. Because I'm totally rich.

clipper829 said...

Heh. That shit is expensive. I actually did a shot (probably 1/2 a shot) of patron on Saturday night when I was out with my girlfriend. It was complimentary - sent by the manager of the restaurant - and it was goooood.

M said...

I don't drink tequila... but every now and then I will do a shot of Patron, like last week, for Cinco de Mayo. It's so smooth!

Supafab said...

These days the only tequila I can drink is Patron. It is sooo good. If all tequila tasted that good I'm be sipping it through a straw all day long:)

Sarah said...

i wish i knew about it earlier! next time you ladies come across a fabulous cocktail/liquor what have you, you better give me a heads up!

Jolene said...

oh tequila...! Back in November, I got hooked on Herradura tequila (which is even smoother and milder than Patron) and February was Gran Centenario. (again, better than Patron.) But I hear you on the price shock! The Gran Centenario was $20 a shot - I bought a bottle for $60, though.

(P.S. I've been reading for a while now. I forget how I found you!)

Sarah said...

$20 a shot! good lord!!!!!

(of course next time i am at a bar and have been drinking for a while i will have to try it. and then i will blame you in the sober light of day:-) )

Natalie said...

yummy patron...i love the stuff--and especially since it has a little bee on the label!

Buffy said...

Love your three universal truths.

And wholeheartedly agree.

stephanie said...

patron is the best. if you walk into a normal liquor store, expect to pay $60 or more for a bottle of the agave (the best blend)

for us cheapo's (me!) bj's in stoughton has a liquor department. a bottle of patron agave is $47.99, which is an amazing price.

just don't bring it to a cinco de mayo party and wake up with it 3/4 finished after one night! guard it with your lives :)