Tuesday, May 09, 2006

And now for today's edition of Things We Should Discuss

1) Instant Manicure Dry Nail Enamel Strips

I read about these in this month's Lucky magazine, and was instantly intrigued. They are basically strips of real nail enamel, with base and top coat combined, that go on dry and adhere to your nails (real, or acrylic) for 14 days.

I don't know if I believe in this. It's supposedly more chip resistant than regular nail polish, but in the magazine article it was also said that if you don't want to use nail polish removed you can just peel them off and to me that means if you chip them, the whole thing will just come off. I don't know. It's only $4.99 for one set so I may just ring up my Avon lady and give them a try. Because Lord knows I rarely have the patience to sit and allow my nails to dry for a half hour. In fact, it is my habit to realize there is something I MUST root around in my purse for as soon as I finish the top coat.

2)If you are in an online shopping mood: check out the Last Call Clearance at Lulu Guiness peeptoes for $70, Diane vonFurstenberg dresses for $74
a Nanette Lepore scarf for $39. I swear if I hadn't already put a ridic amount of money on my credit card this month I would be all over it.

3) I think everyone has one kitchen type item that they just have way too many of, whether it's a million pot holders in different color combos, or 8 different kinds of pepper. In my case it is wine glasses. I have appx 30 wine goblets but only 5 drinking glasses. As such, i frequently drink water and soda out of wine glasses. Not so surprisingly, I enjoy this. But it does present the problem that I have no more room in my cabinets for more casual glassware. What I really need is one of those under the cabinet wine glass holders (the one that holds the glass inverted). If anyone knows of one of these contraptions that does not cause your wine glasses to fly out and shatter than let me know. I wouldn't even be in this mess if a Pier One wasn't on my way home from work. Incidentally, if you are going to PierOne anytime this week (perhaps for a Mother's Day gift or an ICouldAlwaysUseAnotherSetofWineGlasses gift?) then click here for a 20% off coupon. I need to ban myself from that store for a while.


The Running Pretence said...

I got my wine rack at potterbarn and I love it. It is stable yet stylish and I believe on sale now.

Sarah said...

wow, that is perfect!! thanks for the info :-)

J-Mo said...

You can send me the ones you don't use as a house warming gift hahaha

Sarah said...

dude if you don't mind plain regular size ones then email me your address and i would totally send them along. it will make more room for my crazy sized fun ones that i can currently not find a place for!

Supafab said...

I totally want to try those nail stips too but fear they may be too much like Lee press on nails.

If you try them let us know what the deal is.

Natalie said...

my cousin who works at avon gave me those a few months ago (before they came out) awesome are they?!??!?! love em!

Amy said...

I saw an under the counter wine glass holder at Pier 1 today. Along with many glasses at 50% off.