Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday Randomness

1)I think that the rudest type of person on earth is the person who leaves work to go to Dunkin Donuts and doesn't ask anyone sitting around them if they want anything. It is safe to assume that at any given time, most people want an iced coffee. And you're already GOING. jeez.

2)Sometimes when I am hungover, I think in a British accent. Specifically Gwenyth Paltrow's accent in Emma.

I blame it on the fact that in my drunker years, Jill and Andy and I would always put that movie on after a night out/the morning after a night out.

So I am just conditioned now. Drinking a lot of wine = Regency Period in Highbury, England.

3) I really thought I had more to give you but I guess not. Probably because of #2.


AliRose said...

Oooh, Emma is my all time favorite movie, I want to be Emma Woodhouse and have my own yummy, handsome Mr. Knightly and live in a monstrous castle with ridiculously gorgeous gardens and go to fancy balls in fancy carriages.

Sarah said...

me too! Mr Knightly = The perfect man!!i looooove him!

Lys said...

Too much! As for the Dunkin Donuts Rudness - HOW RUDE!!! I'd say, next time you go for coffee, ask everyone BUT him for their order :)

Nicky said...

My office rocks. My new boss is the Queen of random Dunkin's gifts. She doesn't even ask, she'll just bring me in a coffee if she's driving by it on the way into the office. I've only been there a month, she even knows how I take my coffee. I finally reciprocated and made a massive Dunkin's run for everyone last week. Denying someone a caffine fix is simply rude.

Jill said...

So I totally back you on this Emma problem. I seem to experience it all the time lately and there are so few people who understand when it happens to unintentionally end up being spoken out loud. I say things like, "William Cox? Too pert?" and people look at me like I have 3 heads. Seriously,does no one enjoy period films anymore? This is why we rule.

Sarah said...

haha! i am so glad you do it too (i knew you would). no one understands me when i say "she's the natural born daughter of nobody knows who!" when describing a coworker.