Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Now, we all know that Newton is uptight.

But who knew that uptightness extended to people's choice of caffeinated beverage?

I stopped in Breuggar's this morning on my way to work for an iced coffee. While I was at the condiment station fiddling with sugar packets a woman (in a hat, no less, and you know I don't trust people in hats) said to me with narrowed eyes "It's really not iced coffee season" and then snooted off to her car (a Volvo, I assume).

I was just standing there like "Are you kidding?". If she is appalled at the fact that I was drinking iced coffee in April, what must she think of the fact that I was wearing zebra printed sandals at the time?

She probably went straight home to rub a Talbots catalouge for comfort. Maybe even ordered another navy blue blazer with gold buttons for good measure.


Anonymous said...

you are hilarious!


Anonymous said...

I worked in Newton for a while and it is so true!! I would get the hairy eyeball from people at Starbucks if I didn't order latte in the right verbal order. I had another patron actually hand me the booklet outlining the proper procedure recomending I study up before my next visit!! Lets just hope her breakfast at Tiffany's hat gets blown into traffic next time :)


Jaime said...

that is ridiculous.
you should have told her it isn't bitch season either.

TR said...
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TR said...

haha that rules!

MarisaJosephine said...

i would have said:
"i should check my filofax to see if its ok next time. Maybe i could sneak a peek at yours?"
ha ha ha

i worked in newton one summer
that was a definate trip
its pure entertainment

also Happy Admin Professionals day!


Sarah said...

thanks girl!!! :-)

kate.d. said...

ahhh! newton makes me want to poke my own eyes out with a stick!

e$ said...

commenting to say that I love Jamie's comment.


Nicky said...

Tsk! You iced coffee drinking hussy. I bet you wear white shoes after Labor Day, too!

Lindsay said...

Okay, Sarah. Now, I'm not trying to be cocky, but I... ahem... consider myself a bit of an authority on such matters.

I am, after all, a Starbucks barista.

(please, no applause)

Sarah, iced coffee season is nigh. It is here. In fact, I have been drinking my nonfat iced mocha since MARCH.

The ratio of iced/non-iced beverages is like, 75/25. It's iced drink, iced tea, frappucino season, baby.

That lady is a stupid hag.

She's the one that comes back and says that she is sure that I only added one and a half packets of splenda when SHE CLEARLY specified that she wanted one and one quarter.

There is a special spot in hell for people like me, I guess.

Sarah said...

haha thanks lindsay! i knew i could count on your expert opinion in this matter.

Croaker said...

No the rudest person is the on that goes to Starbucks and does the same thing!