Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Best Scientific Breakthrough Yet...

"A new kind of fabric purse can detect its contents and alert the owner when something is missing.
The Ladybag, aimed at young professional women, could put an end to leaving the house without the cell phone, house keys, or wallet"

I know it's not much to look at, but sometimes I think I would carry a paper bag if I knew that it would mean never getting to work and realizing I forgot my wallet and only have 1/8 a tank of gas.

That = the worst.


Supafab said...

I love it! I'm always forgetting things too so this would be perfect!

e$ said...

I changed purses this morning and realized I'd forgotten

1) my passkey to enter the building
2) the real key to my office

I had to sit at the front desk like a douchebag while I waited for my boss to arrive and let me in.


Sarah said...

that is prettty rough, i must admit!