Monday, April 24, 2006

To the person who found my blog by asking Google the question "Are pink shoes tacky?"

The answer is an emphatic HELL to the NO

And in the future, do not ask fashion advice of Google. I took it upon myself to query "Are gaucho pants hot?" and Google just spat out a bunch of places to buy the aforementioned pirate travesty pants. Which to me would mean a resounding "yes".

Google is confused in such matters.


Lindsay said...

Sigh. Jimmy Choo. Why must you torture me so?

AmyD said...

Ooooooh, why must you taunt me with the pink Choo's? Those heels, that BOW, the perfect hot pink for any occasion...I NEED them.

And gaucho's are for skinny whores with bad taste who WANT to make themselves look fat. I just don't get it!?...

Sarah said...

i know, those shoes are perfection. i like to torture myself :-)

clipper829 said...

Sigh. Hello, perfect shoe. I just told my husband I should have those shoes for giving him a beautiful baby girl. He could not disagree more. Oh well.

Gaucho pants. Oh hell no.

The Pink Kitty said...

I know i'm late to this debate but Gaucho pants are EVIL. I hate them.

I sure love those shoes though!